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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trash To Cash Wednesday!

Let's take a look at how my thrift store and garage sale finds did on ebay this week...I paid 1.00 for this Men's size Large Tan Corduroy Suit Jacket and it sold for $10.95
This Men's Apt. 9 Size 42R Brown Leather Suit Jacket was also $1.00 and sold for $20.50
This Men's Under Armour size XL Blue Rugby Shirt was $2.00 and sold for $12.99. I don't normally buy men's clothes, but occasionally when I see a great find, I'll list a few items. However, the women's clothes were not going to be outdone this week by the men. Here's a look at my women's top sellers... Ann Taylor Loft Size 10 Burgundy Wrap Dress was $1.00 and sold for $10.50
This Nicole Miller Size 12 Graphic Silky Dress was also $1.00 and sold for $10.49
I picked up this Women's Lakhay's Collection Hemp Backpack for $2.00 and it sold for $14.99

Coldwater Creek Size XL Black Travel Dress was $1.00 and sold for $14.50This Lapis Size M silk skirt from Anthropologie was just $1.00 and sold for $17.50. And my top seller of the week- The men's clothes didn't even come close: Odille Size 4 Lemon Cotton Skirt also from Anthropologie. I paid $1.00 and it sold for $31.00. If you have an Anthropologie store near you I'd recommend browsing around and looking at the brands they offer so you'll recognize them when out thrifting. They also have great decorating ideas. So, how did my week add up?

Ebay Total:$504.18
Costs: 105.00(clothes), 52.98(ebay fees), 22.39(paypal fees)
Total Profit: $323.81

Ebay seems to always come through! And now Laura and I are working on another income potential. We're super excited for a new opportunity and we'll be featuring it on Friday- Can't wait to show you. Love, Kelly.


  1. How do you decide which stores to hit up? Do you look for ones in nicer areas, or just hit as many as you can? Love your blog, so nice to still be able to "see" you guys!

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  3. That lemon skirt is adorable! Looks like things are doing well. :)

  4. Wow! I'm super impressed! I've never had so much luck selling on Ebay, but maybe I'm doing it wrong. Nice profit!

  5. Yes, Antropologie is one of my best selling brands! And I have found an easy way to locate Anthro clothing in the thrift. If I'm not familiar with the brand/label name, I check the RN# Most of anthropologie's RN # are 66170. Some Urban Outfitters labels carry this number too but they're not a bad sell either. Love Anthropologie!