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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Vintage .99 cent Apron Makes A Great Seat Cushion

I'm shopping for something special to go with this-
Oh,excuse me.  Let me get Reef down.

Alright, this little chair is from Goodwill.  I paid $3.99 for it.
The twirly rod iron frame I like, the seat cushion, not so much.
Let's see what I can do with this little beauty.
I want to find the perfect fabric for the cushion. Where do I go?
A fabric store, you might think, but you know me better than that.
I want something unique; something entirely my own.
I'm off to Mesa Thrift Store, a quaint & crowded thrift store in downtown Mesa.
Like most thrift stores, this store has a fabric rack. 
Sometimes scary, sometimes scrappy, but all unique and waiting for someone to snatch them up.
Reef comes up behind me with a pop Pop POP!
"What's this," I ask.
"Look Mom," is his way of saying "Please buy it for me."  For $1.98, of course I will.
So, we continue our search when suddenly I see the biggest bag of used yarn ever. It towers Reef and his lawn mower.
Do people really own that much yarn?
Anyway, because of my ultra-patient, happy, fist-eating, beautiful baby, I'm able to do a bit more shopping.

Nothing good in the fabric section, maybe I should shop for something vintage in the clothing aisles.
As we walk around, Reef has to fist-fight a few toddlers who want the lawn mower, but he hangs onto it.  Good form. 
That's when I find this great chair priced at $6.98. Now that's the vintage I'm talking about.
It even opens up into a make-up case.  
Why doesn't America make stuff like this anymore?
I must have this chair (and I will), but I'm distracted.
I am looking for something pink to recover the seat cushion of my chair I already have at home, but absolutely not this.
No, no, no, it's trying way to hard to be chic,but wait.
What's this.  A vintage apron?
I think this will do just swell and for .99 cents, I'll give it a try.
I buy it (and much more which I promise to show you on a later date).  
Once my chair is spray painted white,
 I cut out the fabric, making sure to keep the pockets of the apron front and center.

I can handle a craft if it involves a glue gun.
And what about the sash.  
It certainly may be trash, but I can't throw it away.
I glue it the bottom of the seat cushion.
Perfect for securing the cushion to the frame.
Remember the beautiful EDEN name piece made by my sweet sister-in-law Heather.
I love the vintage-inspired scrap book paper she used.
I think it works great with the look of the chair.
And my $4.99 rod-iron side table from Goodwill fits with 
this sweet chair too.
Something all my own, yes indeed.



  2. I think the chair with storage is actually for sewing supplies:) But, like all other rescues, it can be used for anything!

  3. See you can be crafty!! I love the fact you showcased the pockets and added the apron strings also! Super Cute!

  4. Forgot to add, I saw a glimpse of the chair in the background of the reef picture and I enlarged it to see if I could see more of it! I am so glad you got it! I would have gotten it in a heartbeat!! Such a great vintage find!

  5. It all looks great together! Nice work!

  6. Talented as a crafter and a wordmeister---nice job.

  7. seriously i covet the blue floral chair. so cool.

    and way to go on the redo.