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Monday, September 6, 2010

How To Celebrate My Dear Trash Style and This Weeks Garage Finds

Friday was my birthday! I had all sorts of amazing plans. Friday is also a day off for Mr. Right so he was along for the ride. First, while looking up garage sales on craigslist I discovered someone would be selling a cricut expressions at their garage sale, not too far off our route. I have the original cricut and have been wanting to upgrade to the larger expressions, but am too cheap to pay $300. This would be my present to myself, I decided. Then, while shopping Goodwill's dollar day on Thursday, it was announced that Friday morning a new goodwill would be opening (very close to my house) and the first 150 people through the door would receive a $5 Goodwill gift card. I was so there! Not only would I get my cricut machine I've been wanting, but Goodwill was going to give me free money. I lined up a few more freebies from a site titled and knew I would have the best birthday ever. After my amazing children made me a special breakfast (smoothies, eggs, turkey bacon and whole wheat English muffins- YUM!) we headed out to the cricut sale and I could hardly stand it- right before we arrived I announced, "If the machine is gone or someone has it in their hands, it's just not meant to be, I won't get upset." Upon arrival I hopped out of the truck and there sat the machine- Mine- all mine- only problem- It's was same machine I already had. Evidently this seller didn't know the "expression" refers to the larger model. We left empty handed and headed to our next craigslist garage sales. Now, I normally just follow a simple route around my house, but since we were going a little further for the circuit, I had lined up a whole grouping of sales out in that area. After an hour of driving, trying to locate these sales I was frustrated. We either couldn't find the signs (sometimes on craigslist they just list the major crossroads) or we'd find a sign with no follow-up sign- leaving us driving around in circles. Then I started to whine, not only was I not going to get my cricut, but I wasn't going to get anything. Luckily it was time for us to head over to Goodwill to get our $5.00 gift card. Certainly, this would make up for my lost garage sale morning. We arrived in the parking lot at approx. 8:50 and this is what we saw...
The line stretched clear around the building. I knew I would NOT be one of the first 150 people. However, I was curious to check out the new store, so we headed inside. It was a complete frenzy. People were loading their carts like everything was free. I asked one of the workers if there was a special sale- 50% off tag or something. "Not on a grand opening," she stated. I watched as customers loaded avocado colored mixing bowls, rusted iron pans, icecream shaped dessert bowls and metal pineapple tchotchkes into their carts. As we scratched our heads in disbelief, Mr. Right and I left empty handed. My special day, had to get better! And it did. We headed out to Krispy Kreme to get a free dozen donuts (just prove it's your birthday by showing your ID) Neither Mr. Right or I will eat a Krispy Kreme donut (we've gotten old and something about pure sugar for breakfast makes us feel icky) but we knew the kids would devour them. Now it was time to really do something for myself, so we headed to Joe's BBQ in Gilbert, AZ.They offer a free meal (up to $10) on your birthday- just show ID. Here's what I had...A stuffed jumbo baker with BBQ pork- so, so, good! After a nice afternoon nap, Mr. Right took me out for dinner (seems like the whole day was about food!) He kept the restaurant a surprise until 30 minutes before we left, when I found out I needed to dress up a bit. Elements at the Sanctuary in Paradise Valley would be my birthday dinner setting. Sorry I don't have any pictures, I thought it might be a little too "trashy" to take pictures during my romantic meal. This was probably one of the best meals I've ever had- really. This is what we ordered:
Starter: heirloom tomato & buffalo mozzarella | balsamic chili glaze, basil, queen creek olive oil
Salad: braised bacon & poached egg | organic greens, shaved vegetables, soy sesame vinaigrette
My Entree: *cedar river filet of beef | truffled "tater tot", smoked bacon, mushroom hash
Mr. Rights Entree was a chef special, so I couldn't copy it off the menu- something with Blue Marlin
Side: pork belly fried rice | toasted cashew
If you're ever out this way, I would highly recommend Elements. Incredible food, private tables, and amazing views. As we headed home, I reflected on the day and was reminded of how blessed I am to have such a fabulous family, dedicated husband and good friends. With such a fun filled day, it was hard to imagine that Saturday (the day after my birthday) would be just as great. We had much better success with our garaging (I'll show you pictures in a minute) And my kids surprised me with a homemade dinner. Here's my 11 year old, dressed as a waitress (french accent and all)
They made all my favorites. Fresh veggies, potato skins, stuffed mushrooms...Grilled chicken and fruit salad...And just when you think it can't get any better, your dear friend Laura brings a homemade chocolate cake (sweetened with peaches and pears) (I know, it's a ton O' candles- 41 to be exact) She also presented me with this beautifully styled edible centerpiece (she always says she's not good at this stuff, but I have to disagree- look at this amazing gift) Thank you, Laura.What an incredible weekend. To top it all off, here's what I found while garaging...
Mr. Right goes garaging every week with me- Friday and Saturday. He'll occasionally pick up an antique book or two, but mostly we find stuff I like. This weekend he finally hit the jackpot. In addition to old books, Mr. Right has a thing for old cameras...
He paid $30.00 each for these, but later found out they can be resold for $200-400 (he'll probably hang onto them though) It makes me happy when he finds a treasure. Here's the treasure I found...

This great antique mirror was $5.
The old glass canning jars, glass door knob, and vintage tool box we're all $1.00 each.

My favorite find were these old iron shoe forms- all three for $8.75. The metal trash can desperately needs a redo- but has the perfect shape with little metal curved legs. I paid $3.75.
The round picture frame was .50.

Another favorite find was this full size antique bed. It was just $10 and will be converted to a bench- can't wait to show you. Here's a close up of the headboard (this will be the back of the bench)

So, happy birthday to me- My Dear Trash Style! I can't think of any better way to celebrate. Love, Kelly


  1. Happy Birthday! Mine was Thursday, though we are celebrating on Saturday!

  2. Happy birthday Kelly! I've been a reader for a bit, but thought that comments would probably be more welcome than lurking. ;) As for the garage sale days - my mom always used to say it's feast or famine. Some days are just like that, but then the next time you really score!