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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

12 Years Ago Still Feels Like Yesterday

I was married 12 years ago and it still feels like yesterday.
This weekend, the counselor and I, with Princess Peanut, made our way up to Sedona.
It was so fun, hanging out with our daughter.  
I love how she looks at him, already such a Daddy's girl.
We nibble on Rocky Mountain Chocolate
walk downtown
and finally eat gourmet Pizza.
The counselor wasn't surprised when I wanted to do a little trash shopping too.
Small town thrift-ing is always worth it.  Sure, I find the classic "oh my" items.
Shirts with too many smiles.
Animal prints gone wild
Camoflauge in poor taste
Dancing Valentine frogs
and the beloved Grinch Waffle Iron (I seriously considered buying this)
But, if you're willing to look through racks and racks of clothing,
 (including shirts like this "She's All That" shirt.  Who wears this?)
 you'll most likely find some great trash.
Anytime I find Gap Plus Size Jeans, I snatch them up.  
These were $4.99 a pair.
Eileen Fisher gets my blood pressure rising.  
Because the clothing is superior and it's a great resale item on EBay.
These Eileen Fisher pants for $3.99 have me panting (get it, panting).
 A closer look shows some pull in the fabric.
I'd rather find a defect here at the store then at home after I've purchased it. I won't be selling these pants on EBay.  I pick myself off the floor and keep on looking.   
Horny Toad is a favorite label of mine, but I'll pass on this peach-colored XS shirt.  
Even at $3.99, I doubt I'd get much more then that on EBay.
Johhny Was.  This label is somewhat new to me, but I think these pants will do well.  For $3.99, I pick them up.
You know I love Jam's World. 
These pants would be great, but not if the stitching's coming undone in the rear-end, another bummer (get it, bummer).
Look who I find just around the corner.  My trusted husband has pulled out a lawn chair and is lounging in the book section with the Princess.  What a man.
I take Princess Peanut with me.  Maybe she'll bring me some good luck and she does.
Flax Pants
Dereon Jeans for $5.99 ( I just love Beyonce)
Johny Deep T-shirt (I just sold a Johnny Deep T-shirt last week to someone in France)
A Chico's Denim Skirt
Plus a Deisel Denim one too.  
For $3.99 each, these are super finds.
And on and on
Honorable Mention:  These Spandex Tropical print Pants.  Like I said, sometimes you have to dig through some questionable trash to find the good stuff, but it's worth the journey.
Special find: I have an idea for this $9.99 bird painting within a painting.  Isn't it awesome?  I'll keep you posted on that jazzy project.
I'll be keeping track of my re-sale numbers for the trash I found and how much I make re-selling them on EBAy.  I think I'll pay for the trip with just the money I make off this Sedona Thrift Store.
Let's do it again next year, honey.  I had a great time.
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  1. Congratulations on 12 years! That's amazing!

  2. I would have totally bought the Grinch Waffle iron. :)

  3. Congratulations on 12 yrs.
    your blog is always fun to visit...
    I need to get back to "Ebaying", you inspire : )

  4. Happy Anniversary! Isn't Sedonna lovely...

    You have a fun post here...I'll have to explore your blog. You write and shop! How cool is that!

  5. Lovely post and photos. I have to admit the dancing frog made me laugh. Best wishes on your anniversary!

    And I've taken you up on the eBay challenge. Thanks for the inspiring posts!

  6. Grinch waffle iron? Seriously?

    Happy Anniversary!