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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trash to Cash Wednesday

Craigslist is up and running again. After a slow summer, it seems people are ready to shop craigs again. Here's what I sold this week...This new doll house kit was loaded in the truck and ready to be donated by my in-laws when Mr. Right asked if I could have it to sell- They were very generous in giving it to me and I sold it for $15.00.I picked up these two pampered chef stones at two different garage sales for $1.00 each. I sold the set for $25.00. I may not have made a fortune this week, but seeing some activity gets me excited to list all the other items I've been hanging on to. Let's take a look at ebay...

This vintage Banana Republic size 8 leather skirt was a definite gamble for me, but I find leather always sells. I sold it for $9.00.This Apt. 9 size large retro style black and white graphic dress didn't sell last week, but this week received multiple bids and sold for $12.50 Gap long and lean jeans usually do well, however I was a little nervous about these size 10 ankle length long and leans- no worries, they sold for $17.00.
I love this dress, if I were a size 6 it would be mine. But instead I sold it for $16.03. Not too bad of a week. Here's my totals:

Ebay Profits: 295.66
Craigslist Profits: $40.00
Costs: 27.00 (clothes), 69.31(ebay fees), 16.74 (paypal fees) 2.00 (cost of craigslist items)
Total Profit: 220.61

A little lower profit than usual, but with the chaos of kids getting back to school and labor day weekend approaching we may see a little decline. The good news is after next week, we'll have change of season buyers and holiday shoppers, so the numbers should really soar! Give it a try, see what you can earn for your holiday spending- Just list 20 items and see what happens. Good Luck. Love, Kelly.

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