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Monday, October 17, 2011

This Weeks Garaging Finds!

I've sold out of all my scrabble pieces at the shop- so I was super happy to find 3 sets this weekend! ($1.00 each) What else do you see in the pile?Just when I thought I had all of the varieties of monopoly- we find Bird-opoly. I collect the pieces in old candy jars and was super thrilled to see the "hotels" are trees and the "houses" are birdhouses. I also picked up a few hundred of these...
Clay stars. I purchased all 6 bags for .50 each for a total of $3.00. I'll take these to the shop and sell them for .10 each- any ideas for these?
The previous owner said she used them as package tie-ons- I'd love to hear your ideas. In fact let's make it a little give-away. The person who gives the best idea will receive 25 of these in the mail! (I'm resulting to bribing just to get you to leave a comment!)
Love this fenton fluted bowl (2.00) and check out my stack of crafty/decorating/recipe type books. Here's a closer look at the titles..
Just .25 each! And what's up with my silverplate collection lately?
I just couldn't pass up this $1.00 handled bowl and the fork and doubled handled vase (.50 each)
This mirror (sorry for the blurry picture) is another plastic framed one- but for $3.00 I had to have it. My favorite find of the weekend...
This vintage fan (works great). It was a splurge at $45.00- but I absolutely love it!
More great vintage finds. The little brooms were .10 each and the rulers $2.00 each- My collection of rulers is getting rather large-I think I need a bigger Jar- (said in the taco bell dogs spanish accent voice) Here's a few little sewing notions, a metal medallion and who couldn't use more twine? (.25 each)
More vintage books (.50 each) a Disneyland map from when it first opened (2.00) and original western union telegrams (1.00 each) I've got a project in mind for these- can't wait to show you.
Raggedy Ann and Andy were $1.00 each. I'm putting together a vintage toy display for the shop to kick off the Holiday season- these will work perfectly.
And I always like to find necessary items like these new cloth diapers...
Hope to make some super cute burp cloths for my future grand baby.
This tote was $4.00- And I'm not quite sure about this...Here's a closer look...

Something very folk artish about it. It's labeled Williraye Studio and will probably go down to the shop. That's it for my garage sale finds, but I wanted to show you one of my auction purchases this week...

Square leather top table

With copper feet.
A steal at $22.50! This will go on craigslist this week and then if still available, down to the shop. Don't forget to share some ideas for my clay stars and let us know what you found this weekend. Love, Kelly.


  1. Oh my gosh, if that plastic framed mirror is about 3" x 5" (not including the frame), I have its twin!

  2. Drill holes in them and string them together for Christmas garland. We used to sell Williraye stuff at our furniture store and people would come in all the time looking for it. $40-$50 for the little ones.

  3. My husband and I went out to the McDowell Mountain Ranch sales in Scottsdale. I had so much fun. I found 2 Chico's travels Sets for $2 each, Vera Bradley purse $5, a new mens bike for $15, and a hardly used Ipod touch for $100 (xmas present for daughter) 2 XXL tommy Bahama Mens shirts, and 2 pair of NEW Oakley Sunglasses for $50 total. My husband is keeping one pair of the sunglasses and one is on Ebay and I already have a $60 bid. Hoping to make all the money back this week with my listings. Then it would be like a free Ipod.

    FOR THE STARS: Drill holes in the middle to fit christmas lights and make into garland, or build them into a christmas tree shape.


  4. if i had those stars i would drill a small hole, insert a wooden dowel - paint, add glitter & ribbon and make fairy wands - can you tell i have my 3yr old daughter's birthday on my mind :) lvoe the raggedy ann and andy dolls!!

  5. I love everything you found. I would put the stars on pieces of burlap or very thin plywood. Then I would stencil something like "you're a star" or "be a star" on them and use them as bookmarks added to a gift of a book.

  6. I love the fan and think it was a great buy, so pretty (and functional, love that!) The stars would make adorable garland. I think they would be cute as a mosaic, too, maybe framing a mirror for the kids? I love stars and think those are so cute, can't wait to see what you do with them!

  7. Nice stuff!! : ) That table may be a Duncan Phyfe... check to be sure, it may be more valuable than you think... the Williraye pieces used to be pretty collectible..
    & the stars... use your newly bought twine, & make a Christmas garland for the tree or sell them as is for .50 a piece... they look cute for sale in the jars...
    ( & I just bought that fan for $15 @ GW... it is going on Ebay )

  8. How about using the stars to cover a yarn wreath or just to add a little decoration? Cover the wreath in white yarn then glue on the stars.

  9. I love your fan. I wish I could find one. I did find the shade to a Lamb Chop lamp I bought on Friday. The ts had the lamp for sale for 2 weeks but no shade to be found. I bought the lamp for .50 cents on Friday. I looked it up on Ebay to see what kind of shade it had. There was only one listed (complete lamp for $75)and today I went back to the thrift and there the shade was sitting on a shelf waiting for me. I found that to be very odd but I got the shade for free since I bought the lamp.

    If I had the stars,I would put the abc's on them and use them as a game for Ryker. Of course I would be short a letter since there are only 25 but that is what I would do

  10. I would just like to state, for the record...that I have commented several times and for whatever reason it didn't go through, or work. Then I just got frustrated and gave up. Just sayin.
    That KNOW I lurves me your garaging finds. I don't know why, they just make me happy. I had a garage sale this weekend, and well, I have some amazing clothes that I'm SURE would do really well on Ebay, and have no idea how to do it. I was wishing you'd come by and get them, 'cause Im sure you'd be able to sell them. Anywho...thanks for sharing your fun finds.

  11. I like the tie-on idea, but I would probably make Christmas ornaments with twine, and I think they would make GREAT magnets too. Put a few on a Grapevine wreath--very country!

    I love reading your blog and seeing your finds!

  12. Love your blog and your garage sale finds. i can never seem to find good bargains when i go...i think the stars would be cute for making napkin rings either by glueing onto a napking ring round or string a few into a round. Could also paint letters on them and hanging strategically on the Christmas tree to spell SAnta, Noelle or other Christmasy things - all kinds of possibilities.

  13. I have a couple of uses for those stars.

    1. I would stamp letters on them and glue magnets to the back and make them a cool set of refrigerator magnets. In the same vein, you could add different words that make up inspirational phrases such as Love Laugh Dream.

    2. I would use them to decorate a thrift store picture frame for Christmas. I would touch the edges with some gold or silver metallic paint. Maybe even some glitter.

    3. Take and old mason jar and glue them on the lid to decorate. Use the jar to put homemade candies or your favorite cookie ingredients and give as a gift.

    4. Drill a small hole and insert a piece of wire and twist it so it will hold a photo or greeting card.

    I absoulutely love your blog. You always find the best stuff.

    Take Care

  14. Hi all:

    Love all these giveaways. My odds are so good. :)

    I would spray paint some of them and hang them with twine off some metal buckets I found on the street (your influence!!!).

    If I was really ambitious, I would glue them to a thin block of wood and drill some hooks onto each piece of wood.

    Love the idea of drilling holes into them and hanging them with twine on a mantel. I'd definitely do that, spray paint them cream, gold and silver to match my decor.

    I've had the same problem with comments. So I always copy my text and then hope for the best.

    Thanks, Kelly!

  15. I would make magnets out of them to use for church lessons, as handouts, or on my fridge. Or maybe as an ADVENT calendar for the 25 days of Christmas! Ohhh....yes....that is what iI would do!!!! THANKS!!!

  16. I would use the stars to make a cool flag like the pottery barn one you copied or I would tie them to fishing line and hang them from the celing in my sons room above his bed to look at at night. So fun! Thanks for sharing, I love your blog!

  17. Hi; I have a question to ask. I'm new to reselling. I purchased 4 Fire King striped mugs at Salvation Army this morning for $1 a piece. The are in excellent condition. I was going to keep them but after checking Ebay I've found they are are selling for $7.95 - $9.95 each. Have you had success selling this type of item in your shop or on ebay? Any tips?