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Friday, October 7, 2011

Ramblings of a Busy Housewife Day 5

Mr. Right has Fridays off so this begins our weekend. Woke up at 6:00am (and yes, I made my bed AGAIN- this could get to be a habit) ran to the store for donuts for the 14 year olds class, got 2 off to school and the garaging begins. This is high season for garaging here in Arizona. The weather has cooled off and there's typically more signs out then we have time to follow. Here's todays finds...
The lampshade was $2.00 and I think it will work perfectly on the hot pink lamp I showed you Wednesday. The pillow was $7.00 (a splurge, but I love it) The clock was $4.00 and is for Qcumberz, the apothecary jars with ground glass lids were $5.00 each (hopefully to be used in my future bathroom make-over) the silverware was $3.00 and will make it's way to the Q and the industrial scissors were $2.00. I'm starting to get a little collection of these and will have to start displaying them in a fun container. Another purchase today...
A king size bedding set. I bought this for the guest room, which actually has a queen bed. It fit, but I'm not in love. I'll probably look for something else and sell this one on craigslist. I paid $25.00. Today was another project day- I'm trying to get things cleaned up in the garage. Here's a frame and metal kit I purchased at Goodwill for $1.00.
This has been buried in the garage for over a year- so with my new favorite paint and some chalkboard paint, I made this for the Q.
I loved it so much, I made another one using an old painting...
Here's the after.
I also painted all the trim pieces for the 8 year olds room build- hoping to show completed pictures SOON!
Notice my little assistants under the table?
They're almost 5 weeks old and are at such a fun, playful stage. Here's our only female.
She's a sweetheart. After a little errand to the craft store I pulled out one more project before calling it a day. I had an old white wash solid oak cupboard door I picked up for $1.00 at a garage sale a few months ago. Here's that same paint and some vinyl...
I then painted over the vinyl with burnt umber...
Peeled off the letters, sanded and distressed and here we are...
This is over 5 feet long- Another item for the Q. Can't wait for another day of garaging- I'll post my finds tomorrow night. Thanks for stopping in, have a great weekend. Love, Kelly.


  1. Such a cute puppy! And love what you did with that grocery sign :o)

  2. The puppies are so cute. I like your chalkboards. I want to make one sometime. I spend too much time reading blogs and not enough time crafting.

  3. I am LOVING this series, what about Saturday?? I want you to do everyday!!