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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Craigslist Update

I purchased this iron bed for $10.00 a few months back at a high school rummage sale.My intention was to sell this in my booth at Qcumberz but the rails got buried in the garage and it wasn't until last weekend that I found them- then I realized it would take up most of my booth just to set it up- So, we put it together and listed it on craigslist. It sold within a few hours for $50. Remember the jukebox we bought for my daughter's 50's themed wedding?
We paid $250 and it worked great at the reception. We thought this would be a piece to keep, but we found we really didn't use it and it took up a lot of space in the TV room- SO... We put it on craigslist for $395 and sold it for $375- we actually had 3 different people interested and it became a first come first get situation. I'm super happy we were able to make a little bit of profit on this. So what have you been selling on craigslist. We love to hear your stories. Love, Kelly.


  1. No bites on that table--sigh. I did sell two wood barrel chairs yesterday for $40. Glad to be rid of them.
    And the ugly Grandma couch made it to the upholsterer today. Two weeks!
    If you're gonna paint this week, would you text me? I'd love to get a few technique pointers from the master.

  2. Craig's list's popularity must be regional. Where we used to live, things moved FAST, in our new town, we have to relist and relist and still have some items hanging around.

  3. The last thing I sold on Craigslist was a big trashbag of kids clothes that went for $30. These clothes had already been through 2-3 kids and were not 'ebay worthy'. Listed them as play clothes and they sold within the hour.

    Beth, yes, it's definitely regional. I'm in a very populated area and c'list is hopping at all times.

  4. PS. I LOVE that bed! There is a similar one at our goodwill for $9 but it's an antique and it's quite a bit smaller than a current-size twin bed.

  5. I'm dying over that iron bed, can't believe you got it for 10 dollars. I would love something like that. Anyway, glad you were able to make a little profit on things this week. I'm just breaking down and doing a garage sale on Saturday. Tired of all the crap around.