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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ramblings of a Busy Housewife Day 3

Mr. Right left at 4:45 this morning for a training meeting in Tucson- which meant there was no one to say, "Are you ready to get up?" So, we slept in until 6:45-Ahhhhh! It felt so good. I was able to get everyone off on time and then I headed to the thrift store to get some ebay clothes. I found 11 items and then headed to Home Depot to pick up supplies for some projects today. Remember the "Home" sign I started yesterday? I got it all distressed and glazed and I LOVE it!!! Here it is (with another project I did today)And here's project number 2. I picked up this table at auction a few weeks ago for $15.00 (which really means about 18.00 because of the 10% buyers premium and tax) Laura inspired me to try a funky color- so I had home depot do a color match to a small Folk Art bottle I picked up of "Patina" Here's what it looks like after a few coats and distressing.
And here it is with the glaze.

I tried a new product called Briwax in a dark brown. It's actually a bee's wax product and gives a great protective finish. This table will go on craigslist tomorrow and if it's still available next week I'll take it to Qcumberz- Any tips on how much I should sell it for? Let me know what you think. On to project 3...
This metal flower lamp was left over from an estate we purchased and was just screaming- "Please fix me" I needed a lamp to go with my 2 and 8 year olds new pink and black bedroom- and this seemed like the perfect candidate. Here she is all painted up.

I'll be adding some bling and will need to hunt for the right size lamp shade to fancy up. And finally- I worked on my garage today. If you live nearby and you've seen my garage door open- you know the monster I was tackling. Over the past year and a half we've had 2 of the walls lined with custom storage cabinets- sadly, half of the cabinets have remained empty- until today that is. Here's cabinet one (This is the one that gets used the most) I love EVERYTHING to be in a box with a label.

Here's a closer look...
I had a few more minutes of light outside- when I decided to start just one more project. I bought this china hutch a few months back with a matching desk and tried to sell it on craigslist. The desk sold right away for a nice profit.
The china hutch however, had no interest. I then took it to a few estate sales- no bites. Finally, I decided to detach the top and just sell the bottom as a buffet- The top seemed to date it a little. Here's the bottom staged at one of our estate sales.It sold on the first day for $125.00. I've had the top in my garage ever since and couldn't decide whether to donate it or transform it into something else. With the energy to get my garage back in order I decided to start the transformation...
Drill, skill saw and a few minutes later.

It's now a super functional shelf. I removed the spindle piece on the top shelf because I thought that really gave it the 80's-90's feel. I still may remove the bottom scroll work, just so the shelf can sit flat. I'm thinking I might paint it up in the "Patina" color. What do you think? I'd love to hear about your day- leave us a comment, come on, I dare ya. Love, Kelly.


  1. paint it that hot pink! Love that color!! It looks like the little cans I buy at Michael's (why oh why is it not available in the reg size cans??)

  2. I would go with black for it, and maybe add short curved legs to it (much like the table above in the same post- that style of leg), then add it to the 2 & 8 year old's room for storing books, or small toys in baskets. It would look great!

  3. I am so glad I read this today. Was out at Levines (I can confess this here, right?) and found a hutch that I love!!!! but I want to separate the top and the bottom and use them sepearately. Now I know who to ask for help!! I'm so glad you're my friend, and that you live around the corner, and that you get my weird auction addiction!

    Sorry I missed the planning meeting. I was at Urgent Care with Micah and his crazy arm. Hope it was good.

  4. I love all your projects--you are so talented and I love reading your new series! I agree with you that the bottom scroll work should be removed. It would look great so many colors--the patina, distressed white, or even a pale pale pink. The end table turned out great and I can't wait to see what else will be painted that wonderful,fun color!
    p.s Sorry don't have any ideas on what it should be priced-but I do have a feeling it won't last long on craigslist:)

  5. LOVE YOUR NEW POSTS! KEEP IT UP! Not that I didn't love your garaging and ebay posts (it was my inspiration to start my own business) but I LOVE seeing all of your projects! You are so productive! And with a 2 year old!?!?!? I have a 2, 4,6 and 8 year old and cannot do HALF of what you do! You are amazing! KEEP ON INSPIRING!