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Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Did I Get With A Vanity?

I recently found this little cherry wood vanity at a yard sale.  
The home owner was asking $10.00.  Next to the vanity was a brand new box of Halle Berry perfume.
"Would you throw in the perfume too?” I asked.

The homeowner agreed, so I had the vanity and Halle Berry perfume for $10.00.
The Halle Berry perfume sells for new around $30.00.  What a deal!

I came home and photographed the vanity.  I didn’t clean it or anything.  Remember, most of the time I’m an as-is kinda girl.  I posted the vanity on Craigslist for $40.00.  It sold the same day for $40.00.
So, what did I do with my $30.00 profit?

I found this darling owl out thrifting for $1.99.  
I’ve been in love with this owl from Anthropologie, 
but it’s $138.00.  I think the owl I found at the thrift store is cuter, plus mine is real vintage.

At Goodwill, I found Eden a boutique white linen Easter dress for $2.99.  
I’m sure it was more then $2.99 when purchased new.  Funny thing, it looks brand new.  Not a spot on it.

I also found this Arcadia Italian leather bag.  I found out this bag retails for around $400.00 by clicking here.  
I paid $7.99.  Score!  I’ve really wanted a huge leather loud bag, but haven’t been able to find one I could afford.  In the old days, I may have put a find like this on eBay, but I’m so happy to keep it all for myself. 

I found this Stella McCartney Italian skirt at the thrift store for $2.50.  
New, Stella McCartney skirts sell for a lot more then $2.50.  I’ve listed it on craigslist for $40.00 and I’ll let you know how it sells.  This is the first article of clothing I’ve tried to sell post-eBay saga.

I found these toll-painted red vintage clogs out thrifting for $3.00.  Can’t wait to take them down to the shop and list them for $24.50.
So far I’ve spent $18.50 of my $30.00 profit from the vanity. 

Last, but not least, I found this gorgeous Foreign Accents rug for $12.00 while out thrifting and love it in the boys' room.  
I did a little research and found the exact same rug for $998.00 here.  I couldn’t order one on the website if I wanted to because they are on backorder.  So glad I found mine at the thrift store.

So, I made a $30.00 profit off my vanity and spent it on trash that turned into over $1,000.00 of merchandise.
Taking trash to the next level, wouldn't you say. 

What are your latest finds?
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  1. Well.... your clogs are really Dutch wooden shoes ( I am from Holland :)
    Recently we bought some furniture at a garage sale, we asked if he would throw in the small desk... he did, & we put it in the garage for a few months. When we took it in, it had a brand new Fossil watch in the drawer that was very stuck shut... (the man had already moved to Calif. or we would have brought it back )
    I would have Ebayed it, but son wanted it... so a free desk & a watch that was well over $100... pretty good deal : )

  2. Wow! And I thought selling a small bread and butter Stangl Christmas plate for $25.00 on eBay after I paid .10 cents for it at a garage sale was a score.

    You did very well. I don't have the eye for those purses and rugs so I wouldn't know that they are expensive things. ~Ames

    P.S. I would have paid $40 for the vanity too. :(

  3. Wow... you are a resourceful one. I don't seem quite as good luck finding things at the thrift store!

  4. what great finds and that vanity was a steal

  5. You are my idol, Laura! I'm glad you kept the purse. And I'm still reeling that you got that vanity (and perfume) for 10 bucks!!!! Holy Cow!

  6. Laura:

    Great finds! I LOVE the yellow bag. I've also been looking for a good big bright leather bag but nothing yet. (My $1 day trip to SA on Wed. was a total time!)

    Do you two ever read the Goodwill gal? she is also in PHX area.

    It's amazing what people give away!

  7. O is for Outrageous! Good job on your wheeler-dealing!

  8. I've been finding all kinds of great scores on my thrifting trips(which are more rare now that I'm back to teaching full time). One of my latest finds was a set of vintage FireKing salt and pepper shakers(black & white polka dots) for only $1.99. I looked them up on Ebay and cant even find B&W pieces...most are red and white,etc... and theyre selling for aLOT!

  9. You scored big time! Well done!
    Yes, your owl is cuter!

  10. I think I need to hire you as my personal shopper for this new house. Since it's a rental I can't do things with paint or flooring...the pieces you find are always so darned charming!

    Love that Easter dress, too!

    Thanks for an outstanding (and inspiring) link to the letter 'O'.