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Saturday, March 10, 2012


We leave for our cruise in 10 1/2 hours and still no change for my daughter. Thank you so much to those who helped us out today. Nicol was my online shopper, Paula was my personal ikea shopper and my mother in law came in to town and has started the bedding! Looks like a long road ahead for my daughter- they quit inducing this morning because her lab work didn't look good and they started her on Magnesium- which is a precaution for seizures- but also stops labor. After waiting 8 hours for the doctor to show up, we were told they would start to induce again- which could be another 16-20 hour process. If all else fails they will result to a C-section. However, her platelets are low so they don't want to go that route. If anything happens before we leave, I'll definitely post an update. Thanks again for all of the support. Love, Kelly.


  1. Prayers for your daughter and family.......

  2. So glad she came before you left. Have fun!

  3. Hi:

    I WILL be praying for her, the baby, and your family. Sorry that this has been stressful for everyone!

    I had my healthy baby boy one month early. We didn't have anything ready and he spent the first few weeks sleeping either in the play yard (the top shelf-thing) next to our bed or in a laundry basket on top of a bunch of towels. We think really fondly now about how he used to fit in the laundry basket....way more fun story than having a crib and his room ready! :)

    Have FUN on your trip, if you can...