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Friday, March 9, 2012

My Daughter's Being Induced!

I had to post a quick entry to say
1. My daughter was admitted to the hospital for inducement today because of preeclampsia. According to the doctor the induction process can take 1-3 days
2. She wasn't due until April 8
3. I am leaving in less than 28 hours on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera
4. Today we were supposed to be painting the townhouse they've rented so they could move in while we were on our cruise
5. Instead, today was spent picking up the crib, sheets and mattress pad... we are that unprepared
6. It's 11:38pm and we just finished painting the nursery
7. I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off
8. I need a rug, curtains, dresser and about 48 hours to decorate the nursery- I don't think the boat will wait for me though
9. My mother in law was going to make the bumper pads and bed skirt for the crib but the fabric was on back order for the past 4 weeks. But guess what? It came in today! So now I have the fabric, but my mother in law lives out of town and will definitely not get it made in 1-3 days!
10. Despite the chaos and the fact that I won't have a picture perfect nursery when my first grandchild arrives- we can't wait to be grandparents and are just praying for a smooth labor and a healthy little boy.

But just in case... Is there anyone out there that lives close that could sew bumper pads and a bed skirt on the fly? Or be a personal shopper and score a rug, curtains and dresser on a DIYers budget? ...Sorry, had to ask! Keep us in your prayers- I'll definitely post an update when we have one. Love, Kelly.


  1. I pray for a safe delivery. Best wishes.

  2. How exciting! Good luck (but just as an aside, they advise against bumper pads these just leave them out imo)

  3. Here's my take. I wouldn't worry about the bumper and skirt for now. That baby won't be sleeping in the crib right away anyway. My kids slept in the pack n play next to me for 5 months or more. So, don't stress yourself out. Go, do your cruise and worry about it when you get home. I DO hope that your daughter has this baby BEFORE you leave and that everything goes smoothly. I'm due the same time as her, and well, I'm not remotely ready either. I need all of spring break next week to pull clothes, wash them, figure out where to put said clothes and baby, etc. Good luck!