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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's In A Name

I went to a baby shower for a friend of mine. She’s having her first baby; a girl. I’m pretty partial to girls. Actually, I’m still sending out thank you cards from my own baby shower. I found these little wood knick-knacks at Goodwill on ½ day.

All garden-themed for my little Eden.

You know I’m not the craftiest lady, but every once in a while I get risky. Chandler helped me with my latest idea.

He wrapped a thank you note around a family photo,

then glue-gunned a little wood knick-knack to secure it.

There’s nothing like crafting with your competitive 10 year-old son. He took over and dominated this project!

Anyway, back to the baby shower.

This beautiful name sign was on display (one of the L’s fell on the floor) for Willow.

The lady who threw the shower is a class act. I assumed she paid a fortune for the vintage paper she had on display.

Maybe she’d found the paper at a boutique or ordered it on-line.

Later, she told me she’d purchased an old children’s book at Goodwill.

“I cut out the pages to make the name sign,” she said as I shrieked with glee.

What a great idea.

My classy friend offered to make a name sign for Eden.


And lastly, I want to report on A Day of Giving.

Click here to read more about this special day.

I gave my $10.00 to a darling friend who’s staying with us for the week.

Aurora is a 15 year-old friend from Flagstaff. You should’ve seen the smile on her face.

Giving is cool. Just ask Chandler. He bought Mayer a pack of gum and a bottle of Gatorade. I’m proud of you, Chandler.

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