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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Good Title?

Recently a television show hit the airwaves called The Good Wife.

Image found here.

When I first heard the title of this show I was intrigued.

I know Julianna Margulies plays the role of the good wife, but I wanted to know more about her character?

If she is a good wife, is there someone who is bad? The husband? The children? The dog?

Is the title telling the truth? Is she a good wife or is she really good at being bad?

Is she a spy? Is she a really good spy who lives vicariously as a good wife?

Is she a good wife because she’s passive to a husband’s deception? Is her husband a spy?

All these questions because of a really good title; that’s what the writers and producers want.

I haven’t had time to watch The Good Wife because I never have time to watch T.V., but I really like the title.

I had the opportunity to develop the title of a young adult novel I’ve written. Currently it’s called Colors of the Sea.

I’ve gone back and forth with different titles. I few of my other ideas have been:

The Mermaid’s Handbook to Marine Biology

Sea of Carson

The Dolphin’s Sermon

I’ve had a lot of compliments to the title of the blog My Dear Trash. I think the title is perfect for what Kelly and I do. We find value in what other’s throw out.

People have asked “How did you come up with the title?”

The title My Dear Trash originally came to me in a dark, disturbing dream and quickly became an idea for a new novel. I started writing about an abused girl who didn’t value herself much; a girl who viewed herself as trash. Throughout the course of the book and many complex, somewhat tragic situations, she learns to value herself. She finds love.

At points in my life, this girl has been me. I’ve had ups and downs, highs and lows, but love is what saved me; what finally showed me my worth.

After much thought, I stopped writing the novel. It was too depressing. I didn’t want to follow the main character into such difficult situations. I was no longer that girl.

A few weeks later, I had another dream. This time it was about something I love to do; thrift store shop. When I dream, I write the scenario in my mind (I think it’s because I spend so much of my time at the computer writing), so I was writing in long elaborate sentences about my shopping experience. I woke up and suddenly the title My Dear Trash had a whole new meaning to me. No more bad experiences, no more difficult journey’s to follow. These same three words made me happy and I couldn’t think of a more perfect title for a daily writing blog.

I hope you enjoy reading My Dear Trash and more importantly, I hope you know you are something special. I hope you know you have worth and the love you share helps others find value in their lives too. Strange, all those emotions can come from a title.


  1. Wow. I started reading your post & didn't expect how poignant it was going to be! Thanks for the story about how My Dear Trash came to be called what it is. It holds a lot more meaning to me now.
    (By the way...I know you've got your title picked for your book and all. But, I actually kind of like "The Mermaid's Handbook to Marine Biology". It really grabbed my attention.)

  2. Thank you ladies for making this blog, it is a highlight of my day. And thank you for the love that you share daily.

  3. Wow, loved this post! Okay I also LOVE the title the Dolphins Sermon. Makes me really want to read that book. The Good Wife looks really good, makes me wish I had TV. Okay well almost!

    I have glad that My Dear Trash has a happy meaning now for you. Really glad!

  4. This is a great blog...its personal, a teaching site, full of experiences and life's adventures. Thanks for sharing. I love the title..speaks to me.

  5. I love this blog too. It's the first one I check each morning! Thanks to you and Kelly for sharing your time and energy when you have 11 kids between you!

    And I agree with Karen that "The Mermaid's Handbook..." really stands out. But I haven't had the time to read your book yet so maybe Kelly is right and "The Dolphin's Sermon" is also a good title.


  6. I love your blog.....I met you a couple of weeks ago at your very own yard sale and I had also been to one you had a year ago. Both times I saw you I really liked you and knew there was something there that was like me.....little did i know that you loved trash as much as me. My hubby and I look forward to Saturdays so much so that we can look for treasures. We have not only furnished our own house but our married kids homes too. They need only to mention what they are looking for and 9 times out of 10 we will find it. It is like a game for us. I will let you know if I decide to start a blog....something I have always wanted to do. Thanks for sharing your blog and yourself through your blog. I really do like you!

  7. I love the title of your blog and your book. Your blog always inspires me - which is why I'm passing a bloggy award on to you. Stop by my blog to claim your award when you get a chance!

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  9. I prefer the title 'Colours of the Sea' to the experimental ones you tried previously. It has a depth about it which is appealing. (Sorry, I'm English and can't bring myself to spell it 'wrong' - for me.)
    I love the thought of dreaming in long elaborate sentences :)

  10. i like the title of your blog and how you came up with it :D

  11. Titles are important aren't they? I sometimes tend to just slap any old title on something willy nilly, but I think I'll pay more attention in the future.

    Thanks for the insight into your blog title!

  12. Well, now I will come back over and over. I love the story My Dear Trash. It is interesting how God drops ideas into our heads. Hmmmmmmmm

  13. Fun to see you here in Miss Jenny's class, Laura! Love the blog, and love the story.

  14. I think titles can sometimes make a book, movie or tv show. Something has to pull you in. However, sometimes you have to take a chance on something with a not so great title. Maybe they are just a lousy title writer LOL. Great W post.

  15. It sounds like you have a creative mind even when you're sleeping. I found the way you discover things in your dreams very interesting.

  16. I love the double meaning with a fresh start/happy ending. I also like your book titles. I think for the first in the series you picked the right one but I really would love to see a later book with the shortened title of Mermaid's Handbook.

  17. Love the Mermaid title. You seem incredibly clever.

    I found this to be a very interesting stop on my journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "W".

    If you get a chance (and a moment) watch the show. It is actually really good.

    Hope to see you again on this meme.

    If you could add a link back to the Alphabe-Thursday page next time it makes it easier for everyone to visit additional links!

    If you need help with that let me know!

    Thanks for a different and wonderful post!


  18. I always love the back story to things and how your blog name came to be is so interesting. Great title!

  19. I like the title and how you came up with it for your blog....I am glad love changed your life!