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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trash to Cash Wednesday

Let's see how I did this week...
Craigslist has been super slow lately, but I was able to sell this lamp I no longer needed for $20.
Thankfully when craigslist is slow, ebay seems to make up the difference. Here are my top sellers...
BCBG Maxazria size 8 black crop pants sold for $9.99
These Neiman Marcus size XL Silk black pants sold for 10.50.
Our old stand-by... Overalls. These union bay size M denim overalls sold for $12.50. Chico was very good to me this week...I was reluctant to purchase these linen chico crop pants because the size tag was missing. However, that didn't seem to detract buyers- These pants sold for 11.77Laura has told me about Chico Travelers a number of times, so I was excited to purchase these navy blue size 3 (that's an XL in Chico sizes) crop pants. I was even more excited when they sold for $30.99. This would have been my top seller of all time except for the fact that I found these...Eileen Fisher brown crop knit pants- size large. Try to guess for a moment what these sold for... The new top seller of all time...$45.76. This is why ebay is addicting- you just never know. With all of these great top sellers this was my biggest ebay week yet. Check out the totals below...

Ebay Profits: This week: 423.44
Craigslist Profits: This week 20.00
This weeks Costs: 28.00 (clothes) -70.79 (ebay fees) -30.04(paypal fees)
Total Profit: $314.61

This amount will be applied to my plane ticket to Boston. Have I mentioned our Boston trip? Mr. Right and I are planning a little 10 day get-a-way. He has a conference for a few days so his flight is free, but I've got to earn my way. Our 20th wedding anniversary is in July so this will be a great way to celebrate. I should have enough by the end of next week for the $550.00 ticket- I know there are cheaper fares, but I wanted to fly out with Mr. Right and so I had to pay for a premium flight. Don't forget to share your trash to cash stories with us, we love to hear them. Love, Kelly


  1. Ok so I thought my two Burberry purchases and resells(Ebay) were my best stories so far. And technically, they've still been my top sellers(a girls Burberry dress sold for $41...with the hem ripped out!and just last week a pair of ladies Burberry Golf pants(I paid $4) sold for $31 or $33). But this past week I took a gamble and listed a set of vintage silk thread spools that I had laying around my sewing studio, unsused. Now these are some had half teh spool left others were almost brand new but there were 14 of them and guess what they sold for? $33! Isnt that flippin amazing?!
    P.S. Ive also blogged about my best thrift store find ever...a current $124 Silpada sterling silver bangle bracelet that I scored for.......59 CENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My recent Trash to Cash success stories:
    1. Tommy Bahama Silk Womens Shirt in XL- pd 50 cents at a church rummage sale, sold Ebay for $19
    2. Chicos Denim Short Sz 2- pd $2.50 at GWill, sold on Ebay for $31
    3. Nursing Cover- pd $5 on craigslist awhile back, used with my baby, and sold on ebay for $17.
    4. Juicy Couture micro mini in Juniors size XL- paid 50 cents at church rummage sale, sold for $8.

    I wish I had the time to shop garage sales, but my Saturday AM is never conducive to leave the house with my 3 little ones. So I am content to buy GW when I can and make what I can on ebay. I just shopped a GW that had a $4 dress sale, and I bought 12 fantastic dresses that I will list when I get back from vacation! Coincidentally, I am headed to AZ in the coming week and hope to hit up a $1 Day at GW while I am there!!! : )

  3. Wow, you did really good. Good for you. Hugs, Marty

  4. I had a fantastic day yesterday.

    1.Tommy Bahama,paid $6, sold for $25.99
    2.Ann Taylor sheath dress paid $3.99 sold for $27
    3.Liz Claiborne Peasant dress, paid $2.99, sold
    for $14.99
    My goodwill has $2 clothes sale this frida. And My dh is back in town so I am heading out early sans kids and stocking up

  5. I had a great week too!

    1 * Girls Faux Leather & Faux fur 4T dress. I bought for $2.99 sold for $8.99
    2 * Bebe Jeans size 26 bought for $8.99 sold for $12.99
    3 * A Bjorn Wiinblad small dish (looks like a little ash tray realy but its Dutch pottery) I bought for .49 cents! Sold for $12.99

    Your blog inspired me to start up a new blog as well, I think I'm up to twelve now. LOL. I really love to blog.

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