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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3rd Edition of "I Just Don't Get It" & Top EBay Sales of the Week.

"I just don't get it" is when I showcase a project featuring a piece of
trash that has been turned into something amazing.

Have you made something that could be featured in a later edition of "I just don't get it."

If so, send it over.

their recent project is eye candy to the 10th degree; it screams fun and the best childhood memories possible; I could fall in love all over again.

So, it starts out like this:
and turns into this:

What the heck!!!!!

Now, imagine me banging my fists on the ground in a temper tantrum sort-of-way screaming


Seriously, I'm not joking. This is the cutest thing ever and check out those darling kids! Man, they must have a gorgeous mom (love you, Jenn).

How do you guy's come up with this stuff?

Seriously, do you just sit around and think"Today let's create something that makes people really jealous of our trash," because that's what it seems like to me.

No doubt, Kelly is really good at this too.

Can you say "covet?"

So, before I went to Newport I re-listed 50 items on EBay that hadn't sold in earlier weeks. Let me explain.

When I list something on EBay it may not sale. So what are my options?
Throw it in the trash? Never! Give it to my sister? Occasionally. Where it to my 20 year class reunion (am I already that old)?

All of these are great ideas, but most often I re-list.

Sometimes I drop the price to .99 cents, but recently, thanks to a suggestion from Kelly and our friend Cindy, I've re-listed the item at the same price I started at.

Why does this work?

Because EBay is about timing and most often an item that doesn't sell this week will be purchased by someone next week.

So how did I do with my re-lists?

Keep in mind, I spent $1.00 on each item at my local thrift store or yard sale.

This gorgeous Sundance NWT Tan Linen Cargo Short Size 8 Linen Skirt sold for $15.50. I wish it was my size because this beauty is just my style. F.Y.I, Sundance is Robert Redford's company. I love looking through the Sundance catalog. They have great stuff; expensive stuff that I covet.
This Ann Taylor Size 10 Black Knee Length Cocktail Dress sold for $14.50. I love selling a beautiful dress in the summer.
Plus size, deinm and Old Navy make for a great combination. These Womens Old Navy Plus Size 30 NWT Just Below Waist Jeans sold for $15.50.
Another Plus size find? This Women Eddie Bauer Plus Size 4X Purple Long Sleeve Shirt. It sold for $44.00.
White is a super summer item. Like these Ann Taylor White Size 10 Denim Cropped Capri Jeans. They sold for $15.75. Cool.
I think the designer Vera Wang is brilliant, so when I get a chance to sell her label on EBay I get all giddy. This shirt sold for $8.00. How do people keep their clothing so white?
I sold almost all my re-lists. What a great way to make money while on vacation.


  1. Congratulations. I don't know of many careers that you can make money while enjoying your family on vacation!!!

  2. I felt the same way about the swing!!! Crazy right?

  3. Laura!! You make me blush!!!! but you must tell Matt how much you love the swing, he adores all the attention and all the compliments.

    And, as a gift to my friend best...we will be on the hunt for the perfect chair/bench to make into your backyard swing. You've got some sweet trees that could make the perfect setting for this kind of swing.