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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This weeks Garaging Finds

It's the good ol summer time, but garage sales are still going strong here in Arizona. How do we brave the 100 plus temperatures to shop through other people's trash? We go EARLY! This week we left at 6:30am- and I'm so glad we did. Here's what we found...Lets take a closer look and reveal prices...
These very ornate candle sticks were $2.00 each- They will look great in black. The plastic bin is full of note pads and sticky note pads- all for $2.00. The classic Winnie-the-Pooh toy was $3.00, which seems like a lot for a garage sale, but it was a benefit sale, there was no negotiating and a good friend of mine is doing her nursery in Classic Pooh- So I had to have it. The original price tag was still on from the Disney Store for $25.00. My 12 year old staged the items and took these pics for me- so she included a few little toys my 6 year old picked up. A highschool musical microphone that really works and plays music for 1.00 and a crown for .50.
The "Be's" embroidered sign was $2.00. The crate of paints and brushes were just $3.00- You can never have enough paint and brushes at my house. Do the star soap look familiar? That's because they're from last week- but I hadn't put them away yet- so my daughter put them in this weeks picture.
I love these glass containers! They were just $2.00 each. And the marshmellow gun was a find for my 11 year old at just 1.00.
More clothes! I hit a couple great sales this week- all nordstrom brands at one sale and all Lane Bryant plus size at the other. I even scored a few "New With Tags" items. All of this was just $14.00- Can't wait to see what I can turn that in to on ebay.
Does the little tikes climb and slide look familiar? Don't worry, this is from this week. I picked one of these up before and sold it on craigslist. This one was just $5.00 and I hope to sell it for $40.00.
More little tikes. It's a little embarrassing, because I actually saw someone getting ready to load this into their truck while we were driving down a street on our way to a garage sale. I pulled over and asked if she was just moving, or if the kitchen was for sale. She said she was on her way to a garage sale to sell it. I said, "How Much"- She said, "$20" We loaded it up right then and there! I hope to sell this Little Tikes Victorian Kitchen for $65.
I know, I know... I went a little, Little Tikes crazy this weekend. I picked up this electronic Magichef Little Tikes Kitchen for $20.00- I'm hoping to sell it for $45. Meanwhile my little girls are in heaven playing with all these toys. Hope you had a good one too. Check in tomorrow with my Trash to Cash post- I've had a really great week and I can't wait to show you. Love, Kelly.


  1. If you ever happen to come across Fisher Price Little People or Imaginext stuff at Garage Sales, I know for a fact that stuff sells tremedously well on Ebay! Great finds!

    Oh, and yet another reason you should come to Prescott and go Thrifting with me, the DAV Thrift Store has a special every Saturday that you can FILL a whole cart for $15. That's way better than even $1 day. :)

  2. Looks like it was worth the early start, great finds!

  3. Good deals!!! I hope you make lots of money!!!