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Friday, June 18, 2010

Selling Recalled Items

A little while back, I picked up this infantino baby sling for $1 at a yard sale. I figured I'd list it on craigslist, but I wanted to do a little google search first. When reselling, I like to find out what my trash sells for new- it's not always possible, but is with such things as little tikes and baby items. When I googled the Infantino baby sling, I discovered the item had been recalled. It appears there have been at least 10 cases of babies actually falling out of the sling, due to the fastener giving out. I would never sell a recalled item- especially a recalled item intended for children, so, I searched around to find out what Infantino was doing as a replacement. They had a form to complete online, a free postage label to print and detailed instructions on what section of the sling to cut out (making the sling unusable) and mail in. They didn't offer a cash refund (this is the best case scenario- I actually received a check for $60 from Disney's Einstein Company for some baby Einstein DVD's that had been recalled) What they did offer was some Infantino toys. There were a few different sets to choose from, here's what I received...A My First Puzzles, When I grow up puzzle and an Infantino baby rattle. These will make great gifts and the set retails for over $25- Not bad for my $1 investment. I mention all of this as a reminder to be a responsible reseller. I take pride in selling items in good working condition. When selling clothes I personally inspect each item for stains, tears, missing buttons, etc. Have I missed a few over the coarse of selling hundreds of items? Yes. But I really do strive to offer quality products and when it comes to childrens items- safe products. Happy reselling- Wishing you all great finds this weekend. Love, Kelly


  1. Great tip! I made out when our crib was recalled after my 2 younger children had already used it. I sent all the stuff in, got a voucher for a new one and sold the new one on CL. Sometimes things work out in our advantage. :) Love your blog btw

  2. I had bought the set of the Shrek glasses that just got recalled. They are selling on Ebay for $25-$50. I haven't decided yet tp hold on to them or saell them. I will highly stress in the description about the recall if I ever list these. It looks like the shrek the 3rd glasses are doing rather well too.