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Monday, June 21, 2010

This weeks Garaging Finds

Here's this weeks garaging finds!
Let's take a closer look and talk money!
This white board is covered with black sticker stuff- but for $1 I thought I'd see if I could clean it up for the playroom- I think I'm ready to sell the big whiteboard on wheels I redid a few months ago, so this will make a more reasonable replacement.The candles were just .25 for the unwrapped and $1.00 for the wraped one. The new lamp shade was $2.00, the star soaps were .50 and the ceiling tin mirror was $7.00- I'm not sure why I purchased that one- I do love it, but $7.00 seems a little high and I don't really have a place for it- Oh well!The pie safe! Did you hear the little sigh I let out? I love, love, love, this piece. The lady I purchased it from said it was the first piece her husband ever made for her. She never got around to ordering glass for the doors, but each square has a nice routered edge- so it's an easy project. I paid $25 for this piece and can't wait to paint it out to match my dining room. I'd love to do the seeded glass and will probably remove the piece with the heart- I think it dates it a little. I've also thought about punched tin, instead of glass- let me know what you think.How could I pass up this huge barn lamp for $15? I think the shade is a little out of proportion- but I love the base.This little antique sewing cabinet was just $5.00- but it really needs some love. The rounded veneer is starting to peel, the lock has been removed and the top needs to meet my sander. But look at those legs! I had to have it. Here's some more items not in the main picture...Tons O' Clothes. I don't normally take the time to look at clothes at yard sales, but we hit a really good one. I got a pair of 7 for all mankind jeans, tons of Nordstrom skirts and a gap leather jacket. 21 pieces for $35- More than a dollar a piece, but I have a feeling I'll make that money back with just 2 or 3 items.

I picked up this whale floaty for my baby girl for .50. She loves the pool and this will give her a little more freedom (Don't worry, we are the super careful around pool types- we would never let her float around with out having someone right there) Also not picture, are two monopoly games- SCORE! Even with the summer heat upon us, I still found some great stuff. Hope yours was just as great. Love, Kelly.


  1. Wow, you sure scored at that yard sale! Love all your finds and myself I think I would go for the seeded glass, I'm anxious to see how it turns out!!!


  2. Lucky finds, love the pie safe. My vote is for seeded glass. the tin mirrow is worth a PB. Not a bad price.

  3. i LOVE the cabinet! and the pool floatie thing for just .50 was an awesome deal!

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm so jealous...those are fabulous!!

  5. I love that pie safe too, what about some simple chicken wire for the doors?

  6. I love the pie safe- so cool!

  7. Love love LOVE this wonderful blog!! Since you've inspired me to start ebay-ing also, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions..

    1. How do you know how much to charge as far as shipping?
    2. What do you use to mail your goodies in? Envelopes, boxes?
    3. How often do you ship? Once a week, twice a week, etc?

    I hope I'm not being too nosy but I really am inspired by what you do.

    Thanks for the great blog.

  8. I LOVE your blog!! I've always considered my self a "redoer" of furniture and things, but you take it to a whole new level. I love the thrill of Goodwill hunting, especially .99 days and yard/garage sales. Thanks for sharing your insight and for the encouragement to start selling on ebay too.