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Monday, December 7, 2009

Train wrecks at thrift stores and my four boys.

Taking the boys to the thrift store is like throwing myself in front of a moving train – prepare for impact.

The boys love fast moving trains. The boys love watching things crash. And the boys love thrift store shopping.

I use it as a bargaining tool.

“If you finish your job, we can go to the thrift store.”

And chores get’s done in no time at all.

(Reef likes to think he’s helping by pulling the silverware out of the dishwasher).

Our favorite thrift store, when looking specifically for toys, books, cool clothes and anything else that crashes in front of us (that we later have to pay for), is Mesa Thrift on Main St. and Alma School and Deseret Industries on Broadway and Alma School.

Several months ago the counselor and I took the boys to the circus. Mayer begged for a $25.00 sword and we found it later at D.I. for $2.00. Thanks charma.

A sword fight ensues and things crash. Reef's weapon of choice? A lacrosse stick.

Reef wins and finally gets a turn with the sword. He's so determined.

Notice the toy spider on the floor.

Reef see's it and bolts. His sword is no match for a giant spider.

Chandler doesn't find any cool clothes, but keeps himself entertained.

Payson, my little pogo-stick, bounces around too.

Later, we find plenty of cool books and videos.

It's better then the library - no fines!

Notice when kids are at stores they ask for anything and everything. At thrift stores, I can say yes to that .45 cent book and those $1.98 shorts and that makes me happy.

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  1. I agree completely, being able to say yes at a thrift store is very rewarding!