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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Night in Bethlehem

When our church announced we would be having a "Night In Bethlehem" for our Christmas party, and they wanted everyone to wear biblical attire, I was a bit overwhelmed. My husband and I, plus 6 daughters, would mean 8 costumes! Then I remembered the next day was dollar day at Goodwill. Here is my rendition of the baby Jesus. (She may be a little girl, but since she has no hair we can do a costume change and have ourselves a little baby boy) I went to the linens section and found sheets that were the colored tag of the week ($1) I actually sewed the babies costume from a pillow case. (Actually I didn't sew hers at all, I just cut a hole for the head and 2 arm holes) I found sheets in nice bibilical colors (blue, rust and cream) and was lucky enough to pick up a bag of rope for 1.49 that made all of our belts.
We had a fabulous time in Bethlehem and for a grand total of $6.49 I was able to assemble an entire Biblical wardrobe for my family. Gotta love Goodwill $1 days! Love, Kelly

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