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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Target 75% off

7 Target stores, 7 hours later and this is what I have to show for it!Shopping the 75% off Christmas sale is a yearly tradition in our home. Over the years I have definitely purchased my share of decorations, but now that I have 9 themed trees totally decked out, I mostly concentrate on gifts. With 6 daughters we need lots of birthday presents during the year. We also have Christmas parties for each of our daughters and their friends. Another tradition I shop for is our advent calendar. Each of our girls receives a gift everyday from December 1 thru December 24. These are usually candy, jewelry, games, etc. My tween recently told me this is her favorite part of Christmas. With all of these things to buy, I completely rely on the 75% off sales. Now, this year was a little tricky- 75% off usually occurs somewhere between December 31 and Jan. 2. I started researching the morning of December 30th and found a posting on that said Chandler Targets had already gone 75% off. I quickly picked up the phone and began to call all my local Targets. Several of them told me they were still 50% off, but a few said yes! Christmas went 75% off that morning. It was already 9:30 when I jumped in the car with my 17 year old in tow to make it to the first Target. Throughout the day we discovered that many of the Targets that told me they were 50% off were actually 75% off, in fact, we only found two stores that did not go 75%. No worries, there is always plenty of merchandise to go around. Here are some of my favorite finds:
These stocking kits will be perfect for the craft at my 6 year olds christmas party. Each one was 1.24
Cute pajamas! Just remember to buy one size larger. These were $3.74

Die Cast Thomas the Train for $3.74. Perfect stocking stuffer for my baby.

Lamp, alarm clock, ipod charger/player for $6.25

This tin tea set by Schylling was only $3.74

This reed diffuser will be a perfect gift and it was only 3.74
This playdoh set will be a perfect gift for my 6 year olds friends at her christmas party. They were only 1.49.

These Disney princess lipgloss and nail polish sets were $1.24 each, but will make great birthday gifts for little girls.

This bath and body set for $2.49 will be used next christmas as a gift in our exchange game.

This bath and body set for 2.49 will make a great birthday gift.

Hope you are all inspired to check out your local 75% off christmas sales. If you're in the Mesa, Arizona area, don't worry, as of this morning there is still a ton of stuff! Good Luck. Love, Kelly

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