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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Double Surprises and My Ebay Disappointments of the Week.

Sometimes you get a surprise that leaves you a little, well . . . shocked. But what if it's a
Double Surprise!

Like this little situation.

Reef did all this just to get to the “sword” at the end of the rainbow.

Double Surprise?

Mayer's reaction.

This breakfast disaster was a surprise.

Double Surprise?

The dogs cleaning it up.

Mayer surprised me by trying to fix the sprinklers.

Double Surprise?

The dogs running through the house, soaking wet, sliding all over the living room floor (I didn't even have time to get a photo of this one).

Once again, Mayer (he's just at that age) surprised me with a little art work. On my DESK. WITH PERMAMENT MARKER!

Double Surprise?
Look at how well he's writing the letter "M." Wow, that's my boy. Preschool is really paying off.

This fox shawl at a yard sale was a bit of a surprise, in a kind'a cool way.
Double Surprise?
These super funky Monk Jars were from same home as the shawl.
Surprises on Ebay can go either way. Today I'm posting my Ebay disappointments in the format of Double Surprise.
Be sure you're sitting down.
It get's brutal.

I just read about Peabody coat's in December's In Style Magazine. They're the hot winter item and I had one to sell from Old Navy. I had over 20 hits from interested customers, but this darling jacket only sold for $1.78.
Double Surprise!
It sold to a customer in Hawaii.

Chico's Travelers are always a big seller for me, but to my
Double Surprise,
these double items sold for .99 cents. What gives?
It was so difficult packaging them up. Good-bye and farewell. Sniff sniff.

Black House White Market. I love this brand. I think I've taken it personally at this point, because I always buy this brand but they never sell well. These gorgeous diamond studs on the pockets were a Double Surprise to me. New, pants like this sell for over $100.00. At Goodwill, they were listed at $24.99, but I was able to pick them up on dollar day. Lucky me, they sold for $1.45.
The diamonds . . . the diamonds!
I've been the same way with J. Jill. This is a very expensive label, but lately it hasn't sold well on Ebay. The Double Surprise is it was a Plus Size 18 Chocolate Brown skirt. You know how I feel about Plus Sizes. They always sell better then regular sizes, but after two weeks on Ebay, it hasn't even sold yet.
I'll get over my Double Surpise's soon, but they real question is will you?

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  1. I love that brown skirt!!!!! But I'm a petite size. I'd be swimming in it. I'm only 5 ft tall. Diamonds? Really?!?! Can't you put a minimum bid or something?