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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Counselor turns 41 and I blush.

You are amazing and I get to behold of your beauty every day.

I love you in so many ways it puts a smile on my face.

Did I ever tell you I love to do you laundry?

And when we get a $341.00 utility bill, it is all right.

Because you take care of it. You take care of me.

I love holding your hand at church. I love scratching the back of your neck.

I love that you asked me to have this child – I love how you love our children.

I love that you save the last bit of doughnut for me.

I love that every day you ask me how I feel and say “Honey, you are doing great!”

I love how you rush home from work and you taste so incredible when we kiss.

I love how you let me call you “Edward Cullen” for that year I was obsessed with Twilight.

I love the photographs of nature you take.

I love how you walk and move; so graceful, strong and masculine.

What a lovely combination you are – someone to admire and respect.

But most especially and how blessed I am; you are someone to love and adore.

I do love and adore you with all my heart.

Thank heavens I have eternity to show you how I feel about you.

My love for you grows every day, every minute and this makes me smile.

You found me twelve years ago and I will never be the same.

Thank you for finding me and loving me like you do.

Happy Birthday.

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