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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa Shops For Bargains Too

Christmas at our home was so sweet.
I love the innocence of my children, the joy in their faces when they open a present on Christmas morning. Last year for Christmas Payson asked for hand sanitizer and gum. This year his requests were just as sweet & simple; jewelry cleaner (he likes to clean my and the counselors rings) and gum.

The last few months, Santa’s been collecting toys and goodies at thrift stores and yard sales.

Here’s what our Christmas looked like.

This little vintage Sesame Street Playhouse came with all the original pieces. I remember playing with this when I was little. It has a trapdoor, slide and merry-g0-round. Santa paid $5.00 at a garage sale.

Santa thought these wooden block construction trucks would be great. Santa found these at Mesa Thrift for $4.95.

And a large wooded choo choo train. Oh Reef, what fun we'll have with this. $9.95 is a great price for this catalog treasures.

Garage sale - $3.00. It even has working batteries. I couldn't buy the batteries for that cheap.

Mr. Bear Bear weighs about 40 pounds. Santa found him at Mesa Thrift wearing a Schnapps vodka vest. Santa paid $4.95 for him and threw the Schnapps vest in the trash.

The choo choo is a hit.

As is the Curious George hammer and nail set.

Chandler and Payson at first site. Santa did get them scooters. It's hard to find these used, but buying them on black Friday isn't too bad either.

Look at the love in Payson's eyes. He's a great big brother to Reef.

Payson got this silly plate full of nails. He can press his face into it and it leaves his image behind.

More goodies from yard sales.

Reef loves his ambulance that Santa got at Goodwill. It works great and once again, already with batteries.

Chandler didn't ask for a new chair for his desk, but he's still glad Santa left him one.

I just have to share my Christmas cards. I found two packs of these holiday cards this summer at a garage sale for $1.00 each. They were in their original packaging and the price tag read $21.50. I loved how they turned out.

My favorite part of Christmas - seeing my sweet boys faces.

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