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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For the love of Saver's

Monday at Saver’s is super sweet. Its dollar day and the customers here offer some good old American competition. Unlike Goodwill, if you don’t get to Saver’s early, all the good $1 stuff is gone. I arrive at 9:20 and the store is packed. The sound of hangers scrapping across metal racks of clothing is non-stop and there’s already a line of people waiting by the cash register to check out; a reminder I need to get here when they open next time.

Today, I drive to 56th and Thomas, my old nanny stomping grounds. I was a nanny in Arcadia for 10 years and this neighborhood is like my second home. I can imagine the families I worked for donate used clothing to their local thrift store, so I should find some great stuff. Yellow tags are $1.00.

These New w/ tag TravelSmith trouser jeans are for the professional traveler. They don't wrinkle and are made out of durable fabric. They're not that fashionable (obviously), but like Lands End or L.L. Bean, they have an impressive following.

Do not be fooled by fakers. These Seven jeans fooled me once. Notice, I did not say Seven for all Mankind because these are not what they appear to be. Seven's, from what I understand, were made by Mervyns. Enough said.

Life is good. Heavenly! Gracious! A gorgeous Banana Republic black wool fully lined dress in perfect condition. I will never understand the size 0 woman (how do you do it?), but bless your heart and I hope you buy this dress.

A huge fan of Jennifer Lopez, I am. Why? I'm thinking about that and am not really sure. I think it's because she doesn't fit the mold. Yeah, I like that - and I want this skirt - really bad.

It can stretch with my belly, it's a great color and the fabric is so fun, but $12.99? I'm torn, but in the end, I place it back on the rack. Please, please don't tell Jennifer.

My J. Jill crush has found my again in the form of a cornflower blue size 16 cotton dress. It's like new and perfect for the artsy fashion conscious woman.

This gorgeous skirt is labeled Cordelia and I love it. I've never heard of the brand and for $7.99, I'm not sure I should risk it. I've had too many "what if" items that haven't sold.

So, I pass on this beauty. I come home and look it up at Cordelia and guess what? This skirt sells new for $425.00. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose. Does anyone have a hanky?

So, I do a bit more research on Ebay. Cordelia is not just a high-end store based in L.A., but it also sells at Anthropologie chains all across Amercia. A skirt like this sells on Ebay for $50 to $70. Just another kick in the gut, but I'll get over it.

I find a gorgeous Tommy Bahama Size 14 Silk skirt. It's so light and airy and going right in my stash for summer sales.

This lovely Liz Claiborne skirt is not a yellow tag, so I'll pass, but the price of the original tag catches my eye. I pause for a moment. $118.00? Really? I'm so spoiled. I get everything I want dirt cheap.

Why are clothes so expensive? What a public service I offer to consumers of the world. Next week, this skirt may sell to me for $1.00 and I'll sell it to you for $9.99. Isn't America great.

I'm in love with this DKNY skirt because it has a hint of cashmere running through its fabric veins and anything that has any cashmere is a sure sell.

I just like this skirt. Funky, vintage and a strange woman staring back at me. What does she know about me that I haven't figured out yet?

It's so crowded in this crazy-house thrift store and I haven't seen any empty shopping carts. I'm carrying about 40 things on my one arm now trembling arm. Doesn't anyone see I'm pregnant? Nope, they don't. I'm still at that stage where I just look really fat.

CP Shades! I hold you dear to my heart. I used to nanny for the sweetest lady who shopped at CP Shades all the time. A saint she was, because she gave me all her hand-me downs. I set trends at ASU, wearing my expensive organically-dyed clothing. $5.99 for this little gem is worth it.

Ann Taylor? Could you be anymore beautiful?

Another faker to mention. Studio M sure sounds a lot like BCBG Max Azria, which sometimes sells under the label Max Studio.

I think this suspicious Studio M sells at JC Penny.

Where as the real thing, sells new at Nordstrom for $198 new.

Aren't they cute?

My last mention is this Baby Phat drama-drama shirt. Now, I love Kimora and she's really something special, but this shirt, with its bling-bling weighs about 50 pounds. I can only imagine the postage!

Happy Saver's Shopping to those of you who are ready to brave the masses. Email me your stories of dear trash and I'll post them for others to see.


  1. Laura,
    You are amazing! I've never been a 'name brand' gal, so it amazes me that you can go shopping and know right away all of the name brand stuff and their tricky take-offs.

  2. I love it when you post your finds. I can't wait for dollar day tomorrow at Goodwill and am hoping I can "score" like you do. You are an inspiration!! :o) Thank you!

  3. Loved the skirt you did not get! You amaze me i love all your posts and check everyday! cant wait to hear what you are having!