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Monday, December 21, 2009

Guest Bathroom Redo on the Cheap!

It seems each Christmas I find myself taking on a major redo. This year it was the guest bathroom. Here are the before pics:

Red, White and Blue Cabinets! Who would paint their cabinets Red, White and Blue.? Oh yeah, that was me. Seven years ago I was really into the whole Americana thing. So... After I picked up a few items at garage sales I got to work.

1. First was the peg, hangy thing that I thought might make a great towel hanger. It was $2.00
2. Then came the two iron scrolly things that looked okay as two separate pieces, but I could see they might be much better if combined as one. Both for $5.003. Then there was the ornate clock. A steal at $1.00With a little bit of elbow grease (okay, maybe several days of painstaking labor) I painted the wall tan, and re-painted the cabinets to look like this:

The mirror was purchaed at a garage sale for $5.00. I had to take it all apart and spray it with Rustoleums Semi-Gloss Black. When I took the back off I found the manufacture date 1956. I knew it must be an antique, because it was extremely heavy. My $2.00 candlesticks found their home here after Thanksgiving. The quote was cut out of vinyl on my cricut machine. If you have one of these machines and don't know about the software, sure cuts a lot (SCAL), you must visit to learn more. You don't need to buy another cartridge. With the software you can use any font on your computer and any image!
Here's an upclose of the cabinets. For the refinishing technique visit Shanty2Chic. They make vintage looking dominoes and that's the same technique I used here.
Here's my new towel holder. All I did was spray with a coat of Rustoleum Heirloom white and then apply Ralph Lauren faux technique Tobacco.

Here's my scrolly things-attached with wire and sprayed a lovely shade of black.

Here's my new and improved window. It features an Ikea roman shade I picked up at a garage sale for $4.00, a lovely plastic grass display I purchased for $1.00, and my favorite little clock with a new coat of black spray paint.Here's the little cutie up close!
Hope this inspires you to do a redo on the Cheap. It's so rewarding to know you can redecorate and not break the budget. Love, Kelly

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