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Friday, May 7, 2010

Intentions Too!

Laura recently posted an entry on our blog titled Intentions. It made me laugh when I read about all the things she's intended to do, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Now it's my turn. Let me give you a recap of the last few weeks: we started painting the exterior of our home, we had a kitchen fire (I need to redo several cabinets and paint the ceiling- I know BAD), our vacuume broke, our washing machine broke, one of our daughters got lice (not a good thing when the washing machine breaks) we ordered a brand new washing machine only to have it break 5 days later, I went to science camp for 3 days, helped with a church activity for 350 youth and have basically lost my mind. I can usually multi-task and accomplish tons of things each day- but yesterday I had it. I took a two hour nap, ate coconut macaroons and didn't clean my house (which by the way needs it really badly) At 4:00pm I realized I hadn't actually finished any of the projects I started for today's blog post. There's the craft room that's almost finished, the front door that's almost refreshed and the garage that once looked close to being reorganized, but now looks worse then when we started. So I decided I would do a little quickie craft. I had picked up this candlestick holder for .50
And this plate for $1.00.A little spray paint and sanding and I thought I'd have a perfectly cute cake stand to post. WRONG! When I showed it to Mr. Right he said, "It's not doing it for me" The truth was it wasn't doing it for me either...I think the candle holder needs more of a square plate- lucky for me I didn't glue it together- so I'll be searching for a square plate at yard sales. Now, it was on to plan B- which by the way got started at 5:30 this morning. I bought this watering can for .50 at a yard sale...

So cute. The dents and rusting really give it character. I've been wanting to do a little monogram and use this as a prop for my front door make-over. A little spray paint and vinyl and here she is...
Only now she doesn't seem to have any character at all! The black emphasized the dents- but not in a good way. My good intentions kept back firing. So it was on to plan C. Wait... there is no plan C. What will I post about? I can't disappoint all 10 of our readers, by not posting. (okay maybe we have 11 readers) As I walked through the kitchen beating myself up over that 2 hour nap (not really) I caught a glimpse of one of my new found treasures. Looking at it made me smile. It was something I was given that was free- from The ad read..

"Giant Glass Candy Jar. This was given as a corporate gift full of candy, now the candy is gone and we need to get rid of the jar"

There was no picture. But I'm a sucker for candy jars. I immediately emailed and set a time to pick up the jar. I was thrilled when I saw it! I decided it would be a great item to blog about. If you aren't familiar with you've got to check it out. If you have something or need something, you just post it to this wonderful community of recyclers. This is the first time I've gotten something, and here it is...

I intended to stage this all pretty like with candy, but the kids discovered it before I had a chance to do a photograph- Oh well, another intention gone to rest. Rest... I think I might go have another one of those naps. Happy trash collecting this weekend. Love, Kelly

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  1. Your intentions far out-weigh my intentions. Your intentions still look amazing and still inspire. :)

  2. Are you kidding? I think your creations are beautiful! I especially like the monogramed watering can. So don't be dissapointed, you are just being too hard on yourself. So keep coming up with wonderful, beautiful ideas, and, if you have a chance, take advantage of another 2-hour nap :D.

  3. I have been looking of a watering can like that forever too, I love how it turned out!!!Cant wait to see your front porch reveal. I am sorry to hear about your week, but just think Disney is just around the corner:)Thanks for keeping it real!
    Katie--- a proud reader:)

  4. Your post made me smile. I love your "freecycled" candy jar, and I think your watering can turned out great! You just need to dress it up - maybe with some fresh blooms sticking out the top? :)
    Great job and great post!

  5. you should make a terrerium in it. (I think I spelled that wrong)

  6. Man! I'm exhausted and hiding under a pillow just reading about your last few weeks. Just the breaking down things alone is enough to send this girl to her bed. I think you've held it together rather well, AND still turned out project after project. Your 2 hour nap and the macaroon (yumj ) eating was WELL deserved!

    I for one liked the watering can. And that glass you kidding me? Clearly those people had NO idea how much someting of that size sells for. SHEESH!

    May your weekend be calming, relaxing and rejuvinating!

  7. oh mylanta
    the plate is PERFECT!
    what a clever little thing you are.



  8. We ALL have lazy days. I'm a firm believer that every once in a while, the house can be a mess, and Mom can take a nice LONG bubble bath.

  9. It is so refreshing to find a post that makes you feel so normal. Bad weeks and mishap projects. You did have a super bad week though...not just a bad week. I think your plate is pretty and the watering can still looks good. You will find something else to do with the plate and the stand and be happy with it later. That is how it always works out. I thought my son had lice a few days after my mom died. Thank goodness he didn't, but I remember thinking it wasn't such a big deal considering the other things I was dealing with. I enjoy your blog and hope you have a better week next week.

  10. Wow! Next time I have a bad week, I think I'm going to reread your blog post...and next time I think I have no time to do anything, I think I'm going to reread your blog post. lol

    I love your cake stand idea and you got such a good deal on that water can! I used to work a a high end garden store and water cans like that easily went for 50 dollars not 50 cents!

    Oh yeah, Freecycle rocks! (;

  11. Haha! I totally have days like that too...and weeks like that too. Thanks for the smile!

    Thanks for linking up!

  12. Laughing like crazy over here!!!

  13. Love the watering can makeover. I guess we all have days and weeks like that, but the good thing is you still managed to make something cute. :-) Great job!

  14. 10 or 11 readers? Ha Ha can't wait to read your clever posts each week.

  15. I persoanlly love your watering can! Be blessed. Cindy

  16. Oh Kelly...

    You are a woman after my own heart!!

    I started re-doing my son's room, after he moved to Sweden, to make a craft room for myself.
    This started on April 1. I have painted 10 shelves a dresser, hutch, room and floor of the room. I tore apart MY Mr. Right's office, painted a bathroom and started a garden. I still have every single one of these projects to finish! Here I am reading your blog to get ideas on my NEXT project... go figure. Sad thing is this the way I have always been. I jump in with both feed and then start dog paddling. You are an inspiration to me!

  17. Thanks for the blogpost! Wow, suddenly the challenges in my life don't seem so bad, LOL.
    But, I can certainly relate!

    Love the watering can!