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Monday, May 3, 2010

My Broken Flower Pyramid & Top EBay Sales of the Week

A few years ago I found this darling vintage flower pyramid at Goodwill for $4.99. It stands 2 feet high, weighs a ton and is hand-painted. It just goes to show, you never really know what you need until you find it at a thrift store.

This amazing piece of retro history sat untouched, on display near the fireplace for almost two years, until last week.

Mayer collided with it and it turned into this. I know. . . tragic!

Mayer’s apology was somewhat heartfelt.

As I carried this cracked expression of the "ultimate flower girl piece of art" out to the trash can, I realized yet another benefit of shopping trash?

I don’t feel too bad when things get broken, stained, ruined, lost or worn-out.

Later, Mayer redeemed himself by loving up his baby sister.

She’s got him wrapped around her finger. Who needs a flower pyramid when you’ve got this love fest going on.

Remember my goal? To post at least ten items a week during this crazy, sleep-deprived time. Well, I’m doing it and it’s paying off.

My top EBay sales of the week are as follows.

These Chico's Venice Display XL Size 3 Pants sold for $26.25. Not bad for a $1.00 investment.

This Old Navy Size 12 Long Straight Skirt sold for $22.49. Sometimes the classics sell really well.

I find cargo pants are always a great seller. These Gap Size 16 Gray Cargo pants sold for $12.25.

I purchased this Old Navy Maternity Medium Denim Jacket at a yard sale for $1.00. It sold last week for $17.00.

As you can see, I can still make a profit off of very few listings. My profit for the week was around $150.00. It find during the change of seasons, EBay sales pick up. Everyone is shopping for spring and summer clothing, so get listing your trash and make some cash.

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  1. The pictures of your son with Eden,just melt my heart!!! I took your advice on selling denim overalls, and I am glad I did! I paid $1 and they sold for $12.99. Do you have luck selling men's clothing? I have only been selling women's/children,so I am just curious. Thanks!