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Monday, May 17, 2010

What Did I Find?

I found some great trash garaging this weekend. Eden came along and was the perfect silent shopper (and back seat driver).
Remember my angel theme in Eden's room. I found this beautiful Dresden Saxony candle holder.
I'm in love. I paid $10.00 for this piece.
This vintage carnival glass bowl I purchased for $2.00 shimmers perfectly in Eden's pink nursery.
From the same yard sale, I purchased this vintage metal-painted rose hook.
Hanging from it is another piece of trash; a used over-the-top fancy boutique swimsuit princess peanut will be sporting this summer.
And these outfits!
$2.00 each and perfect for the growing girl.
I already have outfits for her 5th birthday (don't even think I'm exaggerating)!
I found something else this weekend. What is it?
I found the time and resolved determination to do something crafty (and actually have it turn out decent). I start out small. This $2.00 rod-iron stand from Goodwill went from this:
To this.
And even better displaying some girl-y books I purchased garaging.
And my antique angel lamp with the broken shade that I paid $3.00 for went from this:
To this. I found the trashy shade at Goodwill.
And my very questionable $4.00 broken angle sculpture I purchased went from this:
To this.
This angel was fixed with a glue gun and some silk flowers I found at Goodwill.
This old toothbrush worked great to clean up the dirt.
I'm happy with the way my projects turned out and can't believe I actually did it. Many of you who read My Dear Trash have blogs that I read too. You are doing some amazing things and inspired me to try something new so I say thank you.
What I do best is EBay. To go along with the Summer Dress theme I'm working on this week, I found these $1.00 beautiful dresses this weekend out garaging.
I wonder what they'll sale for?


  1. LOVE all your finds and your re-do, but that baby is by far the best one, lol!!!

  2. I love your blog! I read it every day to get excited about trashing. So thank you for sharing with the world. It is much appreciated.

  3. I love the vintage hook and how the lamp turned out!

  4. That candle holder and carnival glass bowl are gorgeous!! Can I ask you an Ebay question? How do you determine your shipping rates?


  5. Great work on your remakes! Sometimes learning how to be crafy takes time! Your getting the hang of it! Can't wait to see more craftiness from you!

  6. good work mom you were just like kelly that time i love the sculpture i can not even tell it is broken, it is great!