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Friday, May 21, 2010

EBay Dress Sales of the Week

This week was fun and girlie and feminine, not just because I've had my newborn daughter in my arms, but because I posted loads of dresses on EBay. I paid a $1.00 each for these dresses. Let me show you what they sold for.
This Speechless Size 9 White Pink Floral Long Flowing Dress sold for $6.99 to a customer in Korea.
Remember my Double D Ranch Medium Black Lace Ruffle Long Tank Dress. New they sell for around $300.00. This dress sold for $26.50.
I sell plenty of little girl dresses too. This Laura Ashley Size 7 Mother & Child Navy Dress sold for $6.99.
And these Ralph Lauren Dress sold for $6.99 each. I'd love to keep them for Eden, but they're both Size 6 and it would be 5 to 6 years before she could even wear them. Yeah, I don't need to hold onto stuff for that long.
This beautiful Liz Claiborne XL Knee Length Rayon Dress sold for $6.99.
Venezia is a great EBay seller, like this Venezia Size 14/16 Black Dress. It sold for $9.99.
Remember the Tibi Size 8 Halter Monkey Rainforest Print Dress. Tibi dresses sell new at Neiman Marcus for $300.00. I started my EBay listing at $8.99 and that's what it sold for.
Jones New York also has a loyal following on EBay. This Jones New York Size 12 Little Black Knee Length Dress sold for $9.99.
This Womens Banana Republic Size 6 Black Silk Cocktail Dress needed some TLC. I stitched one of the straps back on to make this $9.99 sell.
I left this dress in my garage, stashed away for my summer EBay listings. It's a new with tag (NWT) Charlotte Russe Red Cocktail dress.
Looks like my cat clawed through it, so it's going in the trash.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
These are just a few of my almost 30 sales of the week. I made $200.00 of my inventory. Dress week was a huge success. I wish you success on your trash sales. Let me know what your week was like by leaving a comment below.


  1. Kelly, you were kind enough to answer my questions about pom poms last week. And, you gave me some very helpful tips. Thank you so much!!! They turned out great. This week was crazy & I didn't get pictures taken of them. But, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help.
    By the way, your e-bay sales are inspiring me to try the same. I used to wear/collect vintage dresses. Since having children I can no longer fit in them & they are just hanging sadly in my closet. Maybe e-bay is the way to go.
    Karen @ Stairstep Boys

  2. Where do you go where you can buy these items for $1? Are there special days where you get special prices? I become frustrated everytime I enter a thrift store because everything seems so overpriced.

  3. O.K. You have inspired me to do this. I am sure I will have to start one item at a time. Do you have any pointers for me or is there a resource to help me get started?

  4. Goodwills in Phoenix has a $1.00 day. I shop all sorts of thrift stores, some have markdowns. Yard sales are great too. I always offer $1.00 for each clothing item and most of the time, that is what I pay. Getting started is the hardest part, but just start and you'll be amazed at how easy it is. Thanks for following.

  5. I am featuring this post today on my sidebar! You've inspired me to hit up Goodwill today while I am out running errands!