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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Double D (it's not what you think).

Perception is a powerful thing because it can change everything.

Like how something seems to have little value, we might even think its trash, but can turn into something of great value just because of a change in perception.

Like this dress.

This is a Black Double D Ranch Medium Lace Ruffle Dress.

When I bought this dress at Goodwill on $1.00 day, I knew it was excellent quality, great styling too. I knew I could list it on EBay and most likely sell it, but the label confused me. I’d never heard of Double D Ranch. I had heard of Double D before in bra size (not from personal experience mind you). Was the label Double D Ranch referring to a woman’s bust size? Was Double D Ranch clothing for the well-endowed woman? Perhaps, but I wasn’t sure.

I came home, too overwhelmed with my tasks of the day and let my Double D Ranch dress sit in my garage.

With the change of seasons, I pulled out my summer dresses and there was the Black Double D Ranch Medium Lace Ruffle Dress. I posted it this week on EBay for $9.99.

Currently, my Black Double D Ranch Medium Lace Ruffle Dress has 11 watchers (meaning 11 people hope to win this little beauty). It has more watchers then any other of my 50 items listed on EBay. Obviously this dress is worth more then I originally thought. With a change in perception, I did a little research.

My first Google search took me to a wild exotic shooting camp deep in the heart of Southern Ohio also callled Double D Ranch (don't people know what Double D really stands for?).

Images found here.

The finest hunting destination in the east.


Clearly not what I’m looking for.

My second Google attempt brought up Double D Ranch, a darling upscale clothing company from Dallas started in 1989. The Double D stands for Doug and daughters.

The clothing is amazing colorful and well-made, like this Khalo Dress that sells for $372.00. Now I get it.

Image found here.

Clearly, my Black Double D Ranch Medium Lace Ruffle Dress is worth more then $9.99, but don’t you fret. EBay's auction-style format allows customers to set the price by bidding against each other. So without doing my research I should still make a nice profit. Would I have started higher if I would have known how much this dress sells for new? Yes, I would have started at $24.99.

I’ve sold clothing on EBay for over 5 years and I still find stuff I’ve never heard of.

Like this dress.

Its label is Tibi.

I’d never heard of the label Tibi and the truth is I almost didn’t buy it.

It’s a different, not really my style, actually it’s just weird! The material is covered with monkeys hanging out in the rain forest. But hey, I take risks for excellent quality & funky fabric. It’s my job and for $1.00, I’d do it.

Like before, I posted this dress without really understanding what I was holding onto. In less than a day, it had a bid for $8.99.

So, Tibi must be something special too.

This Tibi dress sells new at Neiman Marcus for around $300.00.

Image found here.

I wonder what mine cost new. My perception’s changed and it looks like I’ve got another good seller on my hands.

The real question is who pays $300.00 for a dress? If you’re out there, raise your hand. I don't see you, so do you really exist?

I’ll let you now how these dresses sell at the end of the week.


  1. Tibi's a weird brand and not super well known. I think it might sell at Anthropologie too but I could be wrong. Recently we bought a dress with a price tag of 7,000 on it. That threw me for a loop. Who and why?!! That's more than my car for goodness sakes! You ever want to be shocked go to The Purse Forum. People talking about getting their new Herme bag at a sweet price of 18,000.....maybe 24,0000 if its custom made.

  2. LOL - yeah, we know the name (Double D Ranch) is a bit deceiving, but it is what it is. Congratulations on your great buy and lucrative Ebay sell!

    Regards and Blessings,
    Cheryl McMullen
    Double D Ranch