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Friday, April 4, 2014

Can I keep up?

It's tough when I have an empty shop and an idea for a new novel. 

I have so many things to paint, yet so many things I want to write.

My paint projects have been put on the back burner because this new plot I'm working around in my mind is keeping me awake at night.  A few nights ago while working on the novel, I researched ancient ways of embalming and I was like "Wow, Laura!  So, this is where you're at!"

Novel update: I have two YA novels finished - The Mermaid's Handbook to Marine Biology and My Dear Luci, one in the works - Windy: Lost Girl of Neverland and one I've just started.  It's called The Swing.  I'm 11 pages into it and it's AMAZING.  

Someday, people!  SOMEDAY!

Anyway. . . 

I did manage to paint a few things and the counselor took them down to Antique Plaza.  He almost makes it too easy on me.  Not only does he buy the furniture, not only does he give me kisses when he brings it home, but now he delivers to the shop! If you ask me, I think he likes this line of work.

Here's the latest.

This dresser is from 1961 and the fixtures are  gold-plated.  I just updated/painted it to an heirloom white. 
You can see inside the cabinet what color it used to be.
Now it looks like it belongs in heaven, doesn't it.

Here' s a cute little serpentine piece all fixed up.  I stripped the top, re-stained it with an espresso-colored oil and then sealed it with a polyurethane.  

And a mid-century piece with pops of color.  Without the color, it was a bit boring.

Happy Birthday to my cutie pie Mayer and have a great weekend.

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  1. The first is a beautiful piece, nicely redone. I like all three very much.