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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top Sells of the Week

Making money on Ebay is no small task. In this economy, making money at all is a big deal.

The nice thing about Ebay is I can work it around my schedule. So, if I have four sick boys, a messy house and a lost dog, I can opt to work another day.

This last week was interesting. Let me explain.

My goal it to post 50 clothing items a week. This does not always mean I post 50 new items. Sometimes I post 30 new items, and the items that didn’t sell the week previous, let’s say there were 20 of them, I discount to .99 cents. Sometimes this works out great. A .99 cent listing can attract a lot of attention and with multiple bids, I can easily make over $10.00 for that item. I love to give away great deals, so occasionally a listing for .99 cents will sell for just that. Currently, I have several .99 cent items that look like they won’t get any other bids. But I also have a pair of men’s Silver Tab Levi’s that I paid .50 cents for last week at a yard sale that are already up to $17.00, so don’t feel too bad for me.

Last week I only posted new items, so all 50 were priced in the $6.99 to $9.99 range. I only sold about half, but each items sold around $10.00 to $20.00. Ebay sends me emails from every item listed, stating if it sold and what it sold for. I had 25 emails that said, “Sorry, you’re item didn’t sell.” You’d think that meant I had a bad week, but I still made over $200.00. Yes, interesting week indeed.

I have a lot of items to discount to .99 cents for next week.

My top sells of the week are as listed:

These darling Abercrombie & Fitch Size 4 jeans received a lot of attention from multiple bidders, selling for $20.50. Not bad for $1.00 investment.

This Old Navy black cardigan sweater has pearls beaded around the bodice. It's totally my style and I thought about keeping it for myself, but then I looked at my bulging belly and realized that would be a bad choice. I'm glad I posted it on Ebay instead, because it sold for $24.00.

This QuikSilver Men's Ski Jacket is in perfect condition and a trendy item, especially this time of year. I sold it to someone in Canada for $15.00. Shipping international is somewhat a pain, because I have to wait in line at the post office and fill out customs forms. Because of this, I do charge additional fees to my international customers. Even though it costs me my time, it is a bit more profitable to ship international.

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