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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are you a Twilight Nerd too?

What is it with middle-aged moms and the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer? I’m qualified to discuss it; after all, Edward Cullen has been the screen saver on my computer for over a year.

I read Twilight when the book first came out and really liked it, but it was Twilight the movie that turned me into a freak.

I first saw it with the counselor, who unlike many begrudging husbands, was actually happy to go. He suspected Twilight had just enough blood and guts to keep him entertained.

The movie started and we sat side by side, hand in hand. When Edward Cullen first walked onto the screen I was paralyzed. The counselor tried to release the blood-stopping choke-hold I had on his hand, but he couldn’t reach me. Once I came too, that was it. I was in his lap for the rest of the movie.

I took the sunny boys to see Twilight a few days later. They were beyond thrilled. I’ll admit it, I acted about their age the second time I saw it. We sat glued to the screen, anxious to see where the plot took us; overly laughing at the humorous parts and gasping at the scary scenes.

The counselor purchase Twilight the DVD for me when it came out. I watched it a dozen times with my boys. First I’d watch it from Bella’s perspective, then from Edwards. I’d watch the movie focusing only on Edward’s expressions, replaying scenes over and over again. The way he seemed so sad was such a turn-on. What was wrong with me?

What was wrong with millions of other moms who had completely lost their minds to Twilight?

I read blogs, articles, reviews; anything I could get my hands on about Edward. He was the ultimate bad boy and actually loving him could get Bella killed. And I condoned this relationship? Clearly it was dysfunctional, but I wanted more.

The idea that I had to wait for a year for the release of New Moon the movie almost put me on medication, but I barely survived and here I am to tell you I loved New Moon.

I attended the pre-screening with my sister, Becky and 400 hundred other moms.

I am proud to say I was not the only mom to shriek with joy when Jacob took his shirt off. And when Edward first walked onto the screen, my growing baby kicked me with surprising force. Let’s just say, my body was a bit tense.

So I give New Moon a standing ovation.
If you’re a Twilight nerd too, give a shoot out and leave a comment so we can bond.


  1. For real!!!! What is wrong with us? It was great seeing you and Becky there. But, I won't admit to squeeling along with the rest of you when Jacob took his shirt off. Too funny!

  2. Ok.. so apparently I'm a little late at seeing this post, but at least I saw it right?

    I'm with you on the nerdiness. I remember the first time I heardof the series. I blew it off thinking it was for teenage girls. When I saw the preview for the movie, I knew I had to read it first. It was over from there. I devoured the entire series in less than a week. And then I scoured the internet reading blogs & websites trying to find whatever I could about my beloved Edward.
    When New Moon came out, my girlfriends & I went to the midnight showing in matching shirts while our husbands stayed at home making fun of us.

  3. People give me a lot of crap about loving Twilight. I'm beyond obsessed. But I say, it's about time women had some version of "pornography" as men have. It's nice to get lost in another world sometimes. My husband as World of Warcraft. I have Twilight.