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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful List

I’m grateful:

  • Payson did the dishes tonight

  • when I need help spelling a word, I can ask Chandler for help and he always knows the answer
  • my dogs have only chewed up half of my patio furniture
  • when I asked Kelly to edit my book she believed in my enough to say yes
  • the flowers the counselor planted for me on my birthday are in bloom
  • for washable markers
  • Reef lost his last bottle and is forced to take a sippy cup
  • the counselor is so tall
  • scorpions hibernate in the winter
  • the counselor is such a great dad

  • for Thanksgiving leftovers, especially the marshmallow yams my mother-in-law made
  • Arizona has sunny skies in the winter

  • angels are real
  • my sister Becky jumps up and down with joy whenever she sees me
  • my children love to swim
  • for dreams, wind chimes and sourdough bread
  • my sister Anna in cosmetology school practices hair and make-up on me
  • Mayer plays so sweet with Reef

  • my dad taught me how to play tennis
  • for friends from my mission
  • the counselor only loses his temper when Phoenix Suns are losing
  • my house is clean enough for today.

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