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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekly Garage Sale Finds

Shopping at garage sales requires a truck, a sense of humor, and a little cash. Without all three, you are doomed!

The weather is finally perfect here in the desert (after ½ the year with over 100 degrees). On Saturday mornings you’ll find garage sale signs taped to street posts, pointing to adventure-filled shopping.

I usually drive no more than half a mile and spot a dozen signs, some more clever then others.


Huge Sale

Multi-Family Sale

Neighborhood Sale

Some are decent while others get my heart racing.

Some sales are more fun than others. Didn't I have a doll like this when I was younger?

If Louie Vuitton made golf bags, this would be the motherload.

Early Christmas shopping? All the parts are assembled nicely in a ziplock bag.

I have no daughters, but I could be having one (I'll find out in December). I search through a huge pile of baby clothes, and walk away with about 20 little girl outfits for $6.00. My favorite, a Baby Gap crushed-velvet silver dress.

The boys, a dear friend, plus a sweet little cousin, playing 4-square with a Yoga ball I found for .50 cents. There will be days of fun with this bouncy find. And once it pops, there will be some major consoling.

I'm current with my mirror-framed liquor art, so I'll pass on these rare beauties.

I find a yard sale, a HUGE yard sale. I talk to the homeowner and find out her brother recently purchased a foreclosure that was completely full of "trash."

Alright, let's see what trash we find to take home.

A porch swing in lovely condition for $10.00. I'll take it.

What about this beautiful 1905 collection of bone china plates, all dated with an authentic stamp and plate number listed on back ? I'll gladly take all 11 off your hands and use them for Thanksgiving dinner. My mother-in-law will love them.

I love the color red, so much that I recently painted my front door red. These candlesticks catch my attention and will be great for Christmas.

And when I notice the inscription underneath, I know I must have them. I can't wait to look these up.

I've always been a big fan of Richard Scary, but this 4-book collection from 1971, still in their original box, is going on Ebay. I purchased it for $3.00 and if they don't sell, my kids will enjoy them for Christmas.

At this point, I'm busting at the seams and my truck is packed. I'm giddy and broke and smiling and head home.

Once home, Reef hangs out in the truck while I clean it out. He's in no hurry.


  1. Laura,
    I have a couple of questions--how do you know how much to charge for postage? Doesn't the coustomer pay? How do you know ahead of time? Also, do you have a spot on Ebay, or is everyone's things listed seperately?

  2. Wow! I want to learn everything I can from you.

  3. As far as shipping goes, I use a flat rate priority mail envelope and for $4.95 I can ship just about anything. If the item weighs less then 13 oz., I can ship it first class in a manilla envelope. I charge $1.00 to $2.00 per item mailed for shipping and handling. So, my shipping costs for items over 13 oz. is $6.95. A t-shirt or light weight skirt I can ship for around $3.00, so I'll charge $4.95. Yes, the customer pays and I post my shipping costs on Ebay along with my purchase price. For international, there is a flat rate envelope that will go anywhere in the world for $12.95. I do ship enough international. It's fun. I hope this information helps and let me know about your success with trash.