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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vintage Ties

I've had a love affair with vintage ties for a long time.  As a teenager, I would rummage through my dad’s ties, pick out the funkiest one and use it as a bandanna in my hair or a sash around my waist. 

When I got old enough to start shopping at thrift store’s, I would bring home vintage ties, give them to my dad, but then borrow them from time to time for my own fashion adventures. 
After the counselor and I were married, I started bringing home vintage ties for him.  He’ll wear just about anything I find.  He’s cool like that.

When my son’s wanted to started wearing ties to church, I told them “Go pick out one from your Dad’s closet.”  Would you believe they each came out with a vintage tie?  These boy’s are after my own heart. 
I've told them I'd buy them a new tie of their own, but they want to stick with their dad's vintage ties.
I love me a man in anything Armani.  This vintage Armani tie was a great find for $2.99.
Thanks for letting me borrow your tie, babe!


  1. Laura you look really pretty! Love the tie as a sash too.

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