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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Roll-Top Candy Desk

A friend of mine named Merilee, a wonderful mother and gifted teacher, was preparing for her youngest son's wedding.  Merilee was in charge of many details, including a candy stand at the reception.

The space for her candy arrangement was near the entrance of the home, so she had to find something that would fit just right in between the front door and hallway.

She was thinking maybe a dresser would work, but everything was too big . . . until we spotted this roll-rop desk.
It was a bit beat-up, but we both saw the potential immediately.

A little slap of turquoise paint and it turned out perfect.  

I think it's pretty romantic and I love that it had multiple levels.  
She even matched the candy with the bride's colors; turquoise and orange.
Great job, Merilee.

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  1. Your post are starting to motivate me. I will try refinishing somethings this coming summer.