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Monday, September 17, 2012

Junk In The Trunk Recap!

The calm before the storm...
Here's Mr. Right Frosting cookies as we make last minute preparations for the 7:30 opening of the Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market.  It took about 20 minutes for customers to reach our space, but then it was chaos!  I was swiping credit cards as Mr. Right piled up sold items and Scott took cash (Scoot is the slipcover guy that I highly recommend who I share space with)  There was actually a line to get inside our space (who would have thought!)  Time flew by and it was 11:30 before things slowed down.   We sold over $2400 in merchandise in just 6 hours ($1400 of that was all mine!) Some notes for next time:  The water and cookies were a huge hit!  Bring more Stuff!  Be prepared to shop other vendor spaces (at 1:00- just an hour before close, things were pretty slow and vendors were negotiating- BIG) Bring bags for customer purchases- seems like a no-brainer, but I didn't think to put it on the list.  And, don't be so nervous that no one will like my stuff.  We have another show in Queen Creek the weekend of October 19 with Junk Restore and we'll be back with Junk In The Trunk in November.  We had so much fun and I did manage to pick up two, 16 drawer vintage P.O. Boxes (with all the skeleton keys included) for 70% off!  I've already sold one of them at Qcumberz!  I had emptied my space at the shop for the show, so despite our weariness from a long day, we drove straight to Qcumberz and completely revamped our space.    I'm so excited for this fall season and the opportunity to participate in Vintage shows!  I'll keep you posted on my new projects.  Love, Kelly.

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  1. Yeah! Good for you! I can so relate to the worry that no one wiil like your stuff! That was my biggest fear 1st show! Its such a relief and a confidence builder when your stuff is gone! Junk on Kelly! Your doing a great job!! Michelle