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Friday, June 8, 2012

Savannah, Georgia Part II

There are so many beautiful things to see in Savannah.  Here's the famous Magnolia flower.  

 I didn't realize magnolia's were a tree and that the flowers are huge- Here's Mr. Rights hand to show you just how big this amazing flower is...
 There are also some amazing parks- or "Squares" here in Savannah. One of the most famous is Chippewa square where the movie Forrest Gump was filmed.  This sign sits where the bench was located where Forrest Gump tells his life story.  The bench is now in a local museum.
 Here's a picture further away so you can see the statue that's in the background of those scenes
And here's a shot from the film
 This is the church that the feather floats by at the beginning of the movie- located directly across the street from the bench
 Another little piece of history is that Savannah is the birth place of Juliette Low who is the founder of The Girl Scouts.  You can tour her birth place and see the Girl Scout headquarters.
 Now, onto the scarry side of Savannah.  This sign is posted right outside our hotel entrance...
 We haven't seen an alligators, yet- but we do love staying on the river.  To really get into the "Spirit" of haunted Savannah, Mr. Right and I decided to take a hearse ghost tour.  Here's a picture of our transportation...
 A hearse that's been modified to seat 8 passengers with a fantastic view.
 The moss draped trees add to the mood

 One of our stops was the Kehoe house.
 Originally a family home, then a mortuary, now a...
 Bed and Breakfast!  The only 4 star hotel in Savannah and one of the only known 4 star haunted hotels in the United States.  So, guess where Mr. Right and I will be staying for our last night in Savannah?  You guessed it...The Kehoe house.  Who can pass up the opportunity to stay in the only 4 star hotel in Savannah that serves a southern style breakfast.
 Here's another haunted house,  the Sorrel-Weed mansion.  Lots of pictures and documentation if you look this up online.  Now they offer tours so you can experience it for yourself.   Some might say (I might say) the city of Savannah is a little weird about their dead.  Maybe it's because they turn past mortuaries into hotels, or maybe it because this centuries old cemetery

 has been turned into a city park- complete with tombs and headstones.  The best part is that you can take your kids there...
 Right outside the gate is a playground for children- can't think of a better setting. And here's another project underway...
This old building used to be a hospital for children with fatal diseases- It's now being renovated into... you guessed it!  A hotel.  Despite all the rumors, we haven't seen a single ghost and this has been one of my favorite vacations.  Hope you're all enjoying your summer.  Love, Kelly.

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  1. I love Savannah. One of my favorite places to visit! Your photographs are wonderful. ~Ames