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Friday, November 13, 2009

Disappointment of the Week

The greatest disappointment of my day (and it’s only 8:00am) is that I didn’t get to sleep in. So . . . I’m tired, but the reality is pregnancy leaves me tired even after a descent nights sleep.

Mornings aren’t my strength.

Unlike the counselor, who is amazing in the morning. He jumps out of bed when the alarm clock goes off, always cheerful, reliable and sprite (can a 6 foot 5 inch man be sprite?).

He follows through with everything; accurately filling his work bag with client files and carefully picking out his gym clothes in the dark. He sorts through socks, and if he’s lucky he’ll find a matching pair.

I’m the grouch lying in bed, convinced if I try hard enough I’ll fall back to sleep.

I grumble as he starts a conversation, then moan something slightly verbal as he says, “I love you” and opens the bedroom door. The dogs pile onto the bed, wagging their tales like their very lives depend on it.

I do get a kiss good-bye (from the counselor, not the dogs).

I’m tired, but the counselor’s sweet smile cheers me up in no time.

So, I’m no longer disappointed about my foggy state of mind, but I do have some Ebay disappointments. They are as listed:

I found this Burton vest on dollar day and knew it was something special. Once I got it home, I googled Burton and found this dainty little thing sells new for over $100.00. I listed it at $24.99, but no takers. The next week, I listed it at $9.99. Still, no one and it was like the listing had shrunk into some unknown black hole. Was no one in the world shopping for a XS Burton snow vest? Stubborn as I am, there was no way I was listing it at .99 cents. If it sold for .99 cents I wouldn't know what to do with myself! So, I did what any decent person would do. I gave it someone I really, really love who I knew would look gorgeous in it(I hope you enjoy it, Chandra).

I brought home this gorgeous Chico's linen shirt, crisp white, with lovely bright festive embroidery. I paid $4.99 for it, because I knew, I just knew it would be a big seller. After 3 attempts, the last one a desperate hail mary so to speak, never sold, even on .99 cent special.

I find something I've never sold on Ebay. I hold my breath, because the price tag reads $4.99. Is this for real? A fabulous pair of True Religion jeans?

They look great: lowrise, artsy pockets (O.K., I'm not hot about the frontal nudity, but whatever), the zipper works, buttons are all there, and WHAM! Check this out.

These jeans have been cut, shortened and hemmed. HEMMED! What was the original owner thinking (take a deep breath here, Laura)?

This completely ruins the value of the jeans.

Reef doesn't want to hear it, but the truth hurts, little buddy.

Payson's beyond consoling. I've raised him right.

You might as well get a bucket of florescent yellow paint and splatter them with it, then take several hundred nails and hammer them, while angry, into the denim, and finally, soak them in bleach.
So, I begrudgingly place "what could've been" back on the rack and slowly push my cart away, looking back only once with a tear in my eye.
Big girls do cry, they just don't admit it!


  1. Laura, I love this new blog of yours!! It's so exciting to see what kind of treasures you find. I SO need you to take me along on a few of your garage-sale adventures. =) Love you!!

  2. i know what you mean about the black hole. i have gone on public computers just to see it my listing show up! there are good weeks and then there are the bad weeks, and i hate those.