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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Making Progress on my manuscript and Earth Day linky party tomorrow.

Two days of writing, editing and dreaming.  I listen to new age music when I write.  It puts me in a trance and I follow my mind wherever it wants to take me. 
Here's a listen to one of my favorites:
The kids have been great, so cooperative.  I want to thank Eden for taking a longer then usual afternoon nap.  Costco pizza to the rescue for dinner last night and the counselor took over dish duty. 
So, where do I stand?
After deleting a chapter and adding a new one, I’m on page 286 out of 306.  I think I still have one more chapter to add, a scene that’s been developing in my mind for the past few weeks.  I have to create more drama between my protagonist and the antagonist.  Drama, conflict, revenge; all in a day’s work.
Tomorrow I start submitting to agents.   I’ve been researching a particular agent who I feel would be a great match.  Here’s to happy endings and new beginnings.
See you tomorrow for the Earth linky party.
For our linky party, add anything trashy, something special you’ve picked up, repurposed or find particularly beautiful.  Maybe it’s something you’ve resold and made a profit off of.  We want to see it. 
Inspire us on Earth Day.
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See you tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Laura,

    Check out

    I think you will enjoy it. One of our books went from Oz to 2 European countries and back to Oz again.

    And I have excitedly found 2 books randomly in the past 4 years.