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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

I remember as a child my older sister Krista and I wearing Holly Hobbie-like dresses with little matching ruffled bloomers on Easter Sunday.  I remember the socks with pink bows, hair ribbons and white purses.  Krista and I stood by the front door and plastered our faces with smiles.
My mom loves Easter.  
As a little girl, she bought me my Easter dress and this year she did the same thing.
Standing by the front door in my Easter dress from my mom, I mean I can't break tradition.
My mom brought it over a few weeks ago.   
“Look what I picked up for you at a garage sale for $1.00.”
I love it, mom.  
And these J. Crew patent leather shoes I picked up at Mesa Thrift for $4.98 were the perfect match.  I'm not sure I'll ever shop retail again.
Even for Easter.
And ironically, I found my daughter's Easter dress at a garage sale too.
Eden, you look gorgeous in your $1.00 Easter dress.
The princess baby loves climbing up on our $5.00 garage sale mini-trampoline.  She stays very busy bouncy around.
Have you ever found an Easter or Sunday-best look at a garage sale or thrift store?
My dad taught me the tricks of garaging and thrifting, so it's no surprise he offered up his Easter best.
Yes, that's my dad with about 25 racquetball rackets.  
I can explain!
After a large Easter egg hunt in my parents side yard, my dad sets of a net for a game of “radminton.”
Never heard of “radminton?”
No one else has either because my 4 younger brothers made it up.
Imagine a little tennis, mixed in with badminton, a whiffle ball and racquetball rackets.
It's so fun, it's rad ("rad" is so 1980's, but brothers insist on calling it that!) and that's how radminton was born.
That’s right, my dad found all his radminton goodies out thrifting.  
Quote from dad:
"You can never teach them to young the joys of hitting a ball with a racket."
Keep in mind, my parent’s have 9 children, make that almost 30 grandchildren.  
If you live in Mesa, it’s not likely you’ll find a tennis or racquetball racket out shopping trash if my dad’s been there first.
I wanted to share something with my mom on Easter.
I found her this Harve Benard linen spring jacket for $1.00 at Goodwill.
She wore it with pride! The grandkids are getting ready to start hunting those eggs.  All there Easter baskets were collected from garage sales and thrift stores.  There's plenty to go around.
On your mark, get set, go!
Here's Eden with my older sister, Krista.
It was a beautiful day, 
with just a hint of spring breeze, lots of chocolate and family love.
Hope your day was beautiful too.


  1. Hope you had a very nice Easter! My the little one is growing fast... great finds for a buck. I'm a bit jealous!

  2. My niece has that same pink flowered dress! It has always my favorite dress on her. Great find!!!