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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Big Challenge Week 2

If you missed week one you can go here!
Week 2- Only 4 weeks to go to earn $5,000 for my daughter's wedding. This week has been filled with planning, sewing, invitation design, centerpiece design, address collection and preparing for an estate sale. In addition, I listed 235 items on ebay! Some of those items will not end until later in the week- so will count for week 3's profits- I'm counting on a BIG week 3. I've taken all my craigslist items to the estate sale so nothing to report on craigslist but here's my top sellers this week on ebay...
Women's Sandra Darren Size 6 Graphic Maxi Dress sold for $14.99
Women's Ralph Lauren Size S Brown Suede Leather Suit was purchased for $1.00 and sold for $19.99
I listed this Women's White House Black Market Size M Strapless Dress for $9.99 and had a request for a buy it now- Sold for $19.99
This was one of my New York Goodwill outlet finds: Women's Lane Bryant Size 18/20 Green Striped Wrap Dress- it sold for $21.50
Anthropologie Elevenses Size S Green Floral Dress sold for $24.50
Another New York find: Women's Lane Bryant Size 18/20 Purple Wrap Dress sold for $35.00

And my top seller of the week was a new brand to me: Women's Blanque Size 1 Gray Crop Cotton Pants sold for $36.78. Here's how my week turned out...

Ebay Total:$696.56
Costs: 13.00(clothes), 80.01(ebay fees), 40.51(paypal fees)
This Weeks Profit: 563.04
Total Profit: 826.82

We're on our way! This weeks clothes costs were super low because I only shopped in New York at the outlet and the rest of the clothes were items I've been stock piling for summer. Each week I deduct the total I spent on clothes- not just those I list- So now I'll really start to see the profits. Hang in there with me- I'm expecting a $2,000 week this week- between my estate sale commission, my items for sale at the estate sale and a huge number of items listed on ebay- keep your fingers crossed. Love, Kelly.

To see week 3 of the BIG challenge visit here


  1. That was an awesome post! I've always bought things on Ebay-never got serious about selling. But you've made a believer out of me...second hand-clothes can be best sellers:)

  2. Wow you're doing so well, wishing you lots more sales :o) Scarlett x

  3. Wowza! You had a fantastic week! I dont know how you post 235 items! Maybe its my computer - it takes me forever!!!!!!! I have so much to list and am way behind because of this.

  4. What are your thoughts on Ebays tossing shipping into the FVF and has it changed the way you do shipping?

  5. What a great week. I love seeing some of the clothes you sell. Gives me great ideas on what to keep my eyes open for. Good luck as you try to reach your goals and plan a wedding.

  6. Just found your site! WOW! You have inspired me! You also have "an eye" for clothes--one reason you do so well on Ebay. I've been a CL fan for the past year and have done very well, even with clothes. I got "sideways" with Ebay about 2 years ago...but may have to give it another try. Will definitely be keeping up with your 6 week challenge! Good Luck!

  7. HI! So we will be visiting AZ in June for a Wedding and I wanted to hit up some of your Tucson Goodwills because it seems like you guys find amazing stuff :) Which ones would you say are your favs? Thanks for the tips!!!!


  8. And also, is there a pattern to your dollar days? Do they fall on specific days or dates of the week or month? Thanks!!! :)

  9. Ok, so my sells have just stopped! I have 1 bid on things but nothing more. I usually sell between $50-$75 each week but right now I've sold about $4 for the week. boo.
    Wondering if the fee changes are effecting me. Any change to your shipping policy?

  10. Cheryl and Handkerchiefgal,
    Its despicable that ebay feels they have to charge a FVF on shipping to try and control how much people are charging. This has not effected my shipping policies- It makes me want to charge a higher handling fee to compensate for the extra .50 or so I'll be charge. I have considered stopping international sales as the shipping is so high- but I do well overseas so I'm not sure- I'll keep you posted!

    Carrie and Michael,
    I haven't been down to the Tucson stores- but I think all goodwills have great stuff. Dollar day is Thursday and it's best to get there when they open at 9:00am- Good luck, let us know what you find.

  11. Where did the link to your ebay store go? I would love to take a look!

  12. You are so busy! Wow! Please let us know some hints to streamline the listing process ? Do you do all your photos at once ? Or, do you complete an entire listing one at a time ? How long did it take to list 235 items ? It takes me 15 minutes to list one thing! I hope you have a 2k week! That is amazing to me. ; )
    ~ Christie

  13. Johnsonfamily,
    I don't have a store and Laura has discontinued her store- it's much cheaper to just list. My seller id is skidoo3- you can find my listings by clicking advanced (next to the search box) and it will give you the option to search by seller id.

    I take all my photos at once. I did a post about how I list you can see it here
    It take 3-4 min. per item for me, once photos are loaded, etc. The biggest time saver for me is the pre-sort. I list all skirts at once, all cotton together, poly together, etc. Hope this helps.

  14. I somehow missed your big news last week, but yay! My sister just got engaged too and we are using the vintage wedding you posted about for our inspiration! Good luck and have fun!

  15. i missed last week as well and am SOOO excited and pumped for this new challenge! you would think it was my daughter that was getting married (luckily she's still two!) a big congrats to your family and we're rootin for you every step of the way!! all i have to say is your time management skills rock!! i get exhausted just reading about all the things you are doing :) here's to a killer week 3!!

  16. Wow! What a great start! I'm going to check out your auctions because I have a lot of clothes to sell and I just got laid off. You inspire me!!!

  17. That's fantastic! I believe you'll hit your $5k goal in no time!

    Hopefully I can learn to list a lot quicker like you do. It takes me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to list things. It also takes me forever to take my photos and then I edit nearly every one of them LOL.

    Oh - I hit the jackpot today at GW. I scored a brand new, with tags, Badgley Mischka dress for $3.99 - the original price tag is $650 yay me!

  18. Congratulations to you! I am sooooo excited to see what you do in the next few weeks to get to your goal. I know you will do it!