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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trash To Cash Wednesday!

We've all discovered this is a slower time for ebay sales, however, items are selling! This week there seemed to be a trend with my $2.99 items (Items that have been listed for 4 weeks) I had several of my $2.99's sell with multiple bids. Here's some of those items...
This J.Crew size 2 swiss dot bright red shirt should have been saved for the summer months- but hey! This is my first year selling- live and learn. It had been reduced to $2.99, but received multiple bids with a final selling price of $5.50.
Another great summer item this Mimi Chica Size M Cotton Skirt increased from $2.99 to $5.00
I'm not sure why this J.Crew size XS Denim Jacket didn't sell for weeks. After being reduced to $2.99 it sold for $6.49- what a deal for someone.

This is another mystery item to me. An Old Navy size 10 denim dress didn't sell for 4 weeks- the starting price was $8.00. This week it was reduced to $2.99 and sold for $9.50. You just never know with ebay. What I have learned though, is that ebay is seasonal! I've started putting away the linen, silk, whites and crops for the spring. Here's how my week turned out...

Ebay Profits:$289.93
Craigslist Profits:0
Costs: 50.00(clothes), 10.03(ebay fees), 23.36 (paypal fees)
Total Profit: $206.54

I decided to take a little break for the holidays- so no new lists for the next 2 weeks- I did do my relists, so I'll let you know how that goes. No new lists also means no new shopping (what will I do with myself?) I'll have to finish a few of my projects and show them off for you. Enjoy your day. Love, Kelly


  1. Can I ask the seller name you use? i want to buy Old Navy size 10.


  2. Great job!! Enjoy your break. Merry Christmas!

  3. I thought that things would slow down too this week, but it seems to not have. It's funny, cuz I had the same thing happen, I started something at $4.99 {Ralph Lauren Sz 16 jeans) about a month ago and relisted for $3.99 and it ended up selling for like $10.50.

    Mele Kalikimaka!