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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tis The Season For Gifts

Every year, the counselor and I are blessed to pick a family and help supply the goodies for Christmas.  This year, we felt close to a particular family at our church.  The father has been out of work for the better part of the year and the mother just had her third baby. This family has 3 daughters, so for the last few months I’ve been searching for “everything girl” at yard sales and thrift stores. 
With the help of some little elves, I was able to get everything together.
A Christmas tree, clothes, a Barbie kitchen, My Little Ponies 
and my favorite; an array of Littlest Pet Shop toys.
Reef fell in love with these little characters and played with them while we got things organized.  Just before we wrapped the gifts up, we found these little guys camouflauged in my Christmas decor.
Do you see them on top of the tree?  
It took a little convincing, but Reef helped package them up to give away.
Giving back to eBay customers is just as much fun.  
Because they aren't expecting it.
Many times, I have multiple items the same size or style.  If something doesn’t sell after several weeks, I just might give it to another customer.
For example, a customer purchased a pair of Ann Taylor Petite 2 black trouser jeans.  I had another pair of Ann Taylor Petite 2 denim blue jeans that haven’t sold for almost a month, even at .99 cents.  In the spirit of giving (and to clean out some space in my eBay room), I ship both to this lucky lady.  
Can you believe I fit 2 pair of jeans in this priority flat rate envelope?  
True, the jeans are petite, but seriously, these flat rate envelopes can hold quite a bit of inventory.
I also shipped out 2 Talbot’s shirts and a pair of jeans in one flat rate envelope.  It’s easy to do if I fold with a purpose
or crease with a cause.
Another customer purchased a Gap Size 12 Tan Knee-length skirt.  I’ve been trying to sell a Gap Size 12 Long Tan Skirt for weeks and even at .99 cents, it hasn’t sold.  I think I’ll include both in this package too.
I recently found 6 Gymboree Girl’s dresses at the thrift store and paid $12.00 for the lot of them.
I sold them on eBay for $35.00 to a customer who ironically lives in Mesa. She asked if she could save a little on shipping and pick the dresses up at my house.
To her surprise, I found another dress between the time she purchased the dresses to the time she picked them up.  She was thrilled to receive a 7th dress as a bonus.
Don't feel bad that Reef had to give up the Littlest Pet Shop Toys?
He found this Snoopy last weekend out garaging.  It still had the new tags on it at $24.99, but we paid $1.00.  It sings and dances too.
And a gift for me?  I was thrilled when I found this lot of 3 Flax Skirts for $1.00 each. 
They are in perfect condition and so stylish.
But wait!  What’s this in the pocket?
I’ve found everything from tissue to grocery receipts to gum wrappers to cash (not much, just a $1.00 or two).
It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. 
People don't always think to clean out their pockets when donating clothes to the thrift store.
A “mad men” buffet dresser I purchased for $30.00 at a thrift store sold for $100.00 on Craig’s list.  
Now I have some additional cash for last minute Christmas gifts.
And my best sell of the year?
Remember my Eileen Fisher Plus Size 2X Cashmere Sweater?
It sold for $129.00.
I couldn't believe it.
As you know, I recently purchased this $200.00 thrift store leather sectional.
So, what did I do with my old, yet still beautiful couch (I purchased this at a garage sale about 4 years ago)?
Trash like this has to stay in the family.
My parent's are in the process of re-doing their living room. I think the couch made a pretty nice Christmas gift.
It looks great on their newly installed wood floors (thanks to my brother, Tadd who gifted my parent's with his handyman talent).
Tis the season for gifts.
Stay tuned, we have a give-away in the near future you don't want to miss.


  1. tis the season! i myself do the same thing once in a while on ebay. somehow thru the magic of messaging, you sort of develop a relationship of sorts with some people. with all the duplicates of childrens clothing i receive, a few pieces here or there are not going to be missed. i usually message them and tell them i am including a little something for being so nice. on girl in poland wrote on my feedback that she loved me! its the little things in life....

  2. I was able to put my husband tall jeans (36x36) in one of those envelopes b/c of your blog. :) I was sooo proud of myself! :) Thanks for sharing the "how to"!

  3. hey! what a great thing you a doing for that family!! $129 for an eileen fischer sweater????? WOW WOW WOW!!! i have some eileen up right now and it doesn't look like its going anywhere!! good for you! love the blog!!! happy holidays!!

  4. Thanks again for the couch--I am getting some great comments about it from everyone who comes over--love, mama

  5. I love your blog... You have such wonderful ideas.