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Monday, December 6, 2010

This weeks Garage Finds!

I was working the estate sale this weekend so no garaging for me! However, I wanted to show you what I picked up at the sale:

You know I love candy jars and this one matches a set I display art supplies in. The huge spool of macrame yarn makes the perfect ties for gift tags and it's what I use to make my cashmere pumpkins (go here to see them)
We had several silver and silverplate baby cups that didn't sell- Surprising. I picked up this cutie and the vintage oil can.
This wood spool with string is part of a vintage plumb bob- the actual plumb bob is missing, but I love the patina of this piece. The old lock doesn't have a key, but will look great on display, and being a retired teacher, I love to collect old school books.
Mr. Right picked up this hand drill and a few cameras (not pictured) The little metal car will look great in our toy room (display only!)
Years ago Mr. Right and I discovered Shelley China (we were really into victorian decor and antiques) He bought me one of their teacups for Christmas one year, but it met a terrible fate when my then two year old had a golf ball- enough said. Imagine how excited we were when we uncovered a replacement- different pattern, but that same dainty style we both love.
When this vintage door didn't sell after day one I decided I had to have it.Check out the original hardware. Can't wait to think of a project for this one. So, when I said I was working the estate sale and couldn't go garaging- that was a bit of a fib. The next door neighbor happened to be having a sale and when ours was over I couldn't resist taking a peak. Here's what I found...A beautiful antique buffet. This was marked with a "make an offer" sticker- but the owner quickly announced she would take $10 for it! $10? SOLD! I guess they sold it earlier in the day for $15 (still a steal) but the new buyer brought it back because it didn't fit in her house- her loss is my gain. I'll make sure to show you an after picture when she's all redone. So, great weekend! The estate sale was very successful and FUN! I've got another estate sale scheduled for this weekend so stay tuned- I'll post the address on Thursday. Also, I know I promised an entrance way tour for last Friday, but with the sale it just didn't happen. I've got it ready to show off for tomorrow (Tuesday) so come on back and take a look. Love, Kelly.


  1. I am going to have to give this yard sale thing a try. SO fun!

  2. You found some great treasures, but the chest was totally unreal. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

  3. What lovely treasures! You really scored. :)