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Monday, July 12, 2010

My Dear Piece of Twilight Trash

Eclipse, the third installment of Twilight is a huge success.
Kelly's twelve year-old daughter, Bailey invited me to go with her to a midnight showing on opening night.
I wanted to go so bad, but my horrible headache and sore throat that had been following me around for days told me otherwise.

And I still haven't seen it.

Surprisingly, I've seen Edward Cullen recently, but not in the movie theater. I've seen him on this 6 foot cardboard bookcase I found at a yard sale a few weeks ago.

I paid $4.00 for it.

I entertained the idea of keeping it in my bedroom, but my curiosity got the best of me.
After I poised with Edward and daydreamed about loving a vampire, I wondered how much money could I make off my dear piece of Twilight trash?
I posted it on Craig's List, certain it'd sell for $45.00.
But no calls.
I lowered it to $25.00 a week later.
Still no calls.
I started to wonder "Where are all you Twilight fans?"
I hear about you on the news, see you in gossip magazines.
I know you're out there!
You guys should be begging me for this piece of Twilight history. I'm surprised there isn't a bonfire in my front yard with people fighting over who get's it.
And finally, a sweet young lady named Jessica texted me.
Jessica, the girl who calls herself
Mrs. Jessica Cullen.
The girl who has the word twilight in her email address.
I knew you were out there.
She offered me $20.00.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
“I don’t seem to be strong enough to stay away from you.”-Edward Cullen, Twilight


  1. What a hoot! I made a post about the movie premier on my own blog: I went by myself because I wanted to see all three the same night-if you get a chance, I hope you will visit my blog. I'm a brand new blogger and have been so inspired by your blog.

  2. Hahaha Love that picture of you and Edward.

  3. I took my 12 year old...well wait...she took me! It was her money that paid our entrance. I love that you made a nice profit from that display!

  4. This is hillarious! Please tell me you still haven't gone to see the movie cause I would love to take you on a late night friend best date....please