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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All because two people fell in love . . . (dot, dot, dot)

I’ve seen this quote countless times (probably on something amazing Kelly has created). I think it’s really clever, but the best part about the quote is the end, the . . . (dot, dot, dot).

Fill in the blank.

What’s happened in your life because “two people fell in love?

I was in the high country of Flagstaff a few weeks ago with the counselor and our kids. We went up for a wedding. The counselor’s sister married her love.

The wedding was beautiful, intimate and charming. Reef love's his new uncle.

The weather offered its best mountain air, cool breeze and all. I was able to wrap Princess Peanut in a blanket to keep her warm. I can’t do that right now in Phoenix. It’s like 150 degrees in the summer.

Purple and yellow flowers.

Family we love.

Chocolate wedding cake.

All because two people fell in love.

I wonder what there . . . (dot, dot, dot) will be.

I wish them the best . . . (dot, dot, dot) life and eternity has to offer.

The kids looked great in their white shirts and khakis, that is until grass stains on their knees and spaghetti sauce on their shirts appeared.

I had squeezed my post-pregnancy body into a Talbot’s yellow skirt and tried to find a moment before the wedding to put on some red lipstick. The counselor kept his purple tie off until it was time for pictures. Wouldn’t you know it; Princess Peanut managed to spit up on it anyway.

At the wedding dinner, my oldest son, Chandler asked “Dad, how did you and Mom meet?”

The counselor took a fancy pink burp cloth out of my grip and placed my hand in his. He started telling our story.

“We met in a parking lot at Arizona State University.

Your mom had her bike and I had my car,” he said.

“I thought she was pretty and we talked for a while about goals we had made for the upcoming year.”

It was just one of those things; it was a nice conversation between two strangers.

Ironically, we ran into each other a week later at church.

When he saw me he asked me on a date. I remember thinking “He’s so tall” as he wrote my phone number on his hand.

It’s a simple story. I liked him and he liked me. We were two hippies who had found each other.

We were married by the end of the summer and started our own . . . (dot, dot, dot).

I liked hearing the counselor tell our story. His perspective was heart-warming. He said to Chandler, “So many things happened that made me realize I was going to marry your mom.”

Like what,” Chandler said.

“Like the first time your mom called me on the telephone I felt like I was floating.”

You never told me that,” I said to the counselor as my heart melted.

Or how it was love at first sight,” he continued.

Keep in mind, at I’m my sister-in-laws wedding dinner. Son's #2,#3 and #4 are playing tag while a very patient waiter named Fritz walks by with a tray full of drinks and all I see are the counselor’s bright blue ocean eyes.

Later, playing in the mountains.

All because two people fell in love . . . (dot, dot, dot).


  1. What a LOVELY story! My sweetie (31 years) and I met at a local sandwich joint - I worked there and his church ball team came in regularly and were a rowdy mess!

    No kiddos for us - just a series of rescue dogs and now he is so supportive of me since I became a displaced public school teacher. Your site has been a true source of inspiration to me as I plan a similar business endeavor.

  2. Awww...That's just the sweetest. Thank you so much for sharing that heart-warming story.

  3. The next time you get to steal a sweet moment with your hubby you should have that song playing. I think its by brad paisley.

  4. What a sweet story! Those are simply my favorite ;^)

  5. What lovely memories! Congrats!

  6. What a lovely story - your children will learn it and pass it on to their children.
    And that's what it's all about.

  7. beautiful and sweet smiles,
    love is magical in your post.

  8. Awww...what an adorable story. Love love love the pics from the wedding...

    This one really made me smile today!

  9. Such a beautiful story - what a lovely family - you can feel the love in this piece....bkm

    Read your a writer of children's stories - wonder if you would look at my children's blog with my children's verse...

  10. Beautiful wedding photos of your sister-in-laws wedding and your cute children.... and fun to read your post of your lovely "dot, dot, dot" love story.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  11. I love "love at first sight" stories! Your children are all so adorable. Congrats to the new couple!

  12. ah, the dot dot dot of life! Your story is so lovely and how your husband told it to your kids - well can you hear my sigh from here? How wonderful! Great pics - your kids are adorable!

  13. This is the most amazing ending to a wonderful week of Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Y"!

    I totally love this story.

    And the pictures.

    And the ...

    And the idea that I need to haul myself up to Flagg to get out of this ridiculous heat.

    Kelly, this was an absolutely beautiful post.

    Thank you for linking up.

    It really touched my heart.


    PS What a lovely family you have.

  14. i have no idea how i missed this story. thanks for sharing. and thanks for sharing it with your children. so many families have no idea anymore about where they started from. beautiful!